Vijayakanth watches super hit movie with nurses in Dubai

Veteran action Vijayakanth fondly known as Captain by fans has flown Dubai for medical treatment. Millions of his fans and DMDK party workers showed concern about his wellbeing. The strong-willed action hero turned charismatic leader himself has updated positively about his current state.

Vijayakanth has shared a pic of himself watching something on his mobile phone surrounded by nurses in their uniforms. He has let out that it’s the super hit movie ‘Sathriyan’ produced by Mani Ratnam and directed by K. Subhash that he was watching.

The Puratchi Kalaigniar is seen seated quite comfortably cross-legged and looking energetic which has brought cheers to his well-wishers.

Am doing well. Watching 'Satriyan' movie, with Sisters who taking care of me.

நான் நல்ல உடல் நலத்துடன் உள்ளேன். நான் நடித்த

'சத்ரியன்' திரைப்படத்தை, எனது சிகிச்சைக்கு உதவிபுரியும் செவிலியர் சகோதரிகளுடன் பார்த்த போது எடுத்த படம்.

— Vijayakant (@iVijayakant) September 5, 2021

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