In Pictures: Pavilions from the extravagant Dubai Expo

In Pictures: Pavilions from the extravagant Dubai Expo thumbnail

Over the past eight years, Dubai has been preparing for a world fair, pumping in millions of dollars to build a six-month long trade extravaganza in a bid to draw investment and attention. On October 1, after a year long delay, the fair opened its doors to the world. Here’s how it looks.



The host nation has gone all out to ensure the most extravagant version of the expo they could manage. While their presence can be felt all over, they also have their own standalone pavilion, like other countries.



With its pavilion at the Dubai Expo, the subcontinent aims to pitch itself as a destination for business, with Prime Minister Modi saying, “India also offers you maximum growth. Growth in scale, growth in ambition, growth in results. Come to India and be a part of our growth story”.



At the United States’ pavilion, the theme is ‘Liberty, Liberty and Pirsuit of the Future’, featuring American inventions, as well as concepts for the future alongside a representation of the diverse cultures in the country.



One of the largest pavilions at the Expo, the Asian nation is set to showcase its culture and longstanding history by “artistically integrating Chinese elements with modern technologies”



The European country’s pavilion is centered around the concept of ‘Beauty connects people’, with the design already attracting talks of awards, with it nominated for the Innovative Project of the Year category at the Construction Innovation Awards 2021.



Modeled after a matryoshka doll, the Russia pavilion is reportedly breathaking, with architect Sergei Tchoban saying, “Outside you will not realise how deep is the space inside. It’s like you are inside a toy matryoshka”



Known for their efficient design, the Japanese have this time showcased the origami artform in their pavilion, while also drawing parellels between themselves and the host country too.


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