Famous TV actress shocks fans by becoming a fish seller

In the internet age, anything and everything celebrities do become news and they enjoy the extra limelight that is focussed their way. A popular television actress has shocked her followers on Instagram by posting a photo of her selling fish and she has had them in a tizzy asking them to guess why.

The actress in question is ‘Uttaran’ fame Tina Datta who has an enviable 2.7 million followers on Insta. She keeps them all busy by posting her hot pics and by that we mean of the scorching variety.

A few weeks back Tina posted photos wearing only a multicolor shorts and nothing on top which stunned netizens. She captioned the pics “Mind if I heat up the temperatures? I thought the new month deserves a change!.P.S. This is a picture that was edited but I think if you are comfortable in your skin, its all ok….Remember do what makes you comfortable without worrying about what others think!”.

Today Tina Datta has posted a pic of herself wearing a simple yellow traditional dress and selling fish in the market. She has posed a riddle “Anyone want to guess what’s this one for? #Issomethingnewcooking #maharashtra #maharashtrian #fishmarket #fish”.

Earlier the 30-year-old actress posted another photo in which she is seen selling vegetables and wrote on that one “Lost in the stories and Colors of the streets of Mumbai, a city that truly fulfills dreams and yet has so many untold stories…..Well, it’s clear that she is experimenting her latest photos and theme is the markets of Mumbai.

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