Congress demands Supreme Court probe into Gujarat drug haul, Amazon bribery allegations

The Congress on Wednesday demanded a probe by a special commission of Supreme Court judges into the record heroin haul in Gujarat’s Kutch as it tried to corner the Central government on the issue. The main opposition party also targeted the government over reports that e-commerce firm Amazon is conducting an internal investigation into an allegation of bribing government officials in India by some of its legal representatives.

“It has now come out that Amazon had spent Rs 8,546 crore in legal fees over the last two years. India’s Law Ministry’s annual budget is Rs 1,100 crore. How can a company’s budget be almost Rs 9,000 crore in legal fees? It has now come out that this was money being given as a bribe. So, the question is simple… the so-called alleged bribery of Rs 8,546 crore was being given to whom in the Modi Government? Who received this money?” Congress’s communication department head, Randeep Surjewala, asked at an AICC press conference.

“Was this money given to annihilate the trade and business of crores of small shopkeepers, MSMEs and traders, so that e-commerce companies like Amazon could take away their businesses  and livelihoods?.. Will the Prime Minister of India ask the US president to initiate criminal action against Amazon for alleged bribery?… Is this not a serious breach of national security? And considering that that Government has totally failed, should this matter not be investigated by a sitting judge of the Supreme Court of India?” he asked.

As for the drug haul, Surjewala said there were reports that the company which is under the scanner had earlier also imported semi-processed talc stones. According to official sources, the nearly 3,000 kg of heroin which was seized on September 16 was mixed in layers of talc stones stacked upon each other in two containers.

“Which politician in the country is giving protection to this drug mafia? Is this not pushing India’s youth into the menace of drugs?” he asked. Surjewala said both the drug inflow and Amazon bribery allegations are concerned with the country’s security and those involved in these issues are guilty of sedition. “And that is why the Prime Minister will have to answer the nation,” he said.

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