Bigg Boss 15, Day 33, Live Updates: Tejasswi Prakash, Shamita Shetty lock horns; Pratik Sehajpal picks fight with Umar Riaz and Ieshaan Sehgaal

Tonight’s episode of ‘Bigg Boss 15’ will have a fight for captaincy between Tejasswi Prakash and Shamita Shetty. Tejasswi is keen to become the captain of the house but Shamita votes against Tejasswi.

On the other hand, Pratik Sehajpal will begin a fight with Umar Riaz and Ieshaan Sehgaal individually ahead of the captaincy task. While he targets Umar during his cooking duties, he starts sledging Ieshaan before the task begins. The three of them eventually get down to pushing each other to take part in this captaincy task before others.

Live Blog

Nov 3rd 2021

  • 11:56 pm

    Shamita votes against Tejasswi

    Tejasswi has been aiming to become the house captain for a while now, but Shamita’s actions have cast a shadow of doubt over her goal.

  • 11:48 pm

    Karan, Simba, Tejasswi out from captaincy race

    Pratik eliminates Karan, Karan eliminates Simba while Shamita eliminates Tejasswi from the captaincy race. 

  • 11:31 pm

    Miesha and Ieshaan go separate ways

    Miesha tells Ieshaan that from now onwards they will play their individual games because they got nominated citing they have not contributed enough on the show. 

  • 11:20 pm

    Tejasswi unsure of Nishant

    Tejasswi tells Nishant she doesn’t feel important in his life anymore. She says she doesn’t get the same vibe as before. Nishant tells her that he will not count on her emotionally saying ‘let’s keep it that way.’ 

  • 11:07 pm

    Pratik nominates Ieshaan

    As Pratik wins the 4th round against Afsana’s team, he nominates Ieshaan who now joins Meisha, Simba, Umar and Nishant for this week’s nominated contestants. 

  • 10:58 pm

    Afsana nominates Nishant

    As Afsana wins the third round against Pratik, she nominates Nishant for elimination citing he hasn’t been proactive in the game. 

  • 10:52 pm

    Shamita consoles Karan

    Karan feels deeply hurt by Pratik’s words that he does not consider Karan his mentor anymore. Karan breaks down. Shamita consoles him. While wiping his tears, he says, “I felt bad! I have sisters. She’s like a sister to me.” Shamita clears the air between Karan and Pratik saying that Karan didn’t mean it. 

  • 10:50 pm

    Umar calls Simba ‘daily soap ke hero’

    Umar calls Simba ‘daily soap ke hero’ and Jay takes offense of this statement. Umar then shouts in the garden area, ‘Jab tu ghar me baitha tha Covid ke time pe, mai bahar jake jaan bacha raha tha.’ 

  • 10:45 pm

    Jay and Pratik target Afsana

    Jay and Pratik set their rivalry aside and start targeting Afsana as the task continues. Afsana feels extremely cornered and starts yelling at them to back off and not touch her. Hearing this, Karan immediately jumps to her defence and reprimands Jay and Pratik for misbehaving with a woman in the heat of the moment. “Screw the task! Ek ladki khadi hoke bolti hai ‘Don’t touch me’ toh aap usko counter nahi kar sakte!” However, Jay and Pratik don’t spare Karan either, pointing out that he has misinterpreted this issue. While Jay asks, “What example is he giving?” Pratik declares that he does not consider Karan his mentor anymore. “Bohot ghatiya baat boli hai,” Pratik yells.

  • 10:36 pm

    Massive fight erupts between housemates

    Today’s episode starts with a massive fight between housemates Simba and Ieshaan. While other housemates try to diffuse the situation, Umar throws his mic and charges on Simba who continues to instigate the former. 

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