Success of vaccination program shows India’s capability to world: PM Modi in ‘Mann Ki Baat’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday lauded India’s crossing the 100-crore vaccine doses milestone, and said that the achievement shows that the success of any scheme can be achieved with everyone’s effort.

Speaking during his Mann Ki Baat radio programme, Modi said, “The success of our vaccine programme displays the capability of India… (and) manifests the might of our collective endeavour… Our health workers, through their tireless efforts and resolve, set a new example… They established a new benchmark in service to humanity through innovation and sheer determination.”

The PM interacted with Poonam Nautiyal, an ANM healthcare worker from Uttarakhand. He praised Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh for being two of the first states to achieve 100 per cent vaccination of the first dose, despite the difficult terrain.

Further, the Prime Minister said October 31—Sardar Patel’s birth anniversary which is observed as National Unity Day — will be marked by the government with three competitions run by the Culture Ministry for writing patriotic songs, for writing loris (lullabies) and to make rangolis. He said bike rallies in different states have already been taken out to mark the occasion — by the Gujarat Police from Lakhpat Fort in Kutch to the Statue of Unity, by the Tripura Police, and by the Jammu and Kashmir Police.

Recognising that Sunday was United Nations Day, Modi said that not only did India sign the UN Charter in 1945 — prior to independence —but that Indian women have played an important part in UN activities.

“India has always strove for world peace. We are proud of the fact that India has been a part of UN peacekeeping missions continuously since the 1950s. India is also playing a leading role in addressing issues related to poverty alleviation, climate change and workers,” he said.

The Prime Minister further spoke of India’s new drone policy and said that since the policy was introduced in August, many foreign and domestic investors have started investing in drone start-ups.

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