Bigg Boss 5: Wildcard contestant revealed!

Currently in Bigg Boss Thamarai and Isaivani area at logger heads, Niroop is having some rough phase with Varun and Abinay but on the other hand, Priyanka and Raju are treating fans with unlimited fun and laughter.

While the fans waited for the evicted contestestants to return, looks like Bigg Boss has other ideas. The third promo had revealed that the houseamtes were surprised with a special entry. While fans thought it was Abishek, The latest report states, it is the wildcard contestant.

We did some digging and brought the news first to you about the details of this wild card contestant. He is identified to to be dance master turned choreographer Amir who is also the founder of ADS dance school Ooty.

ADS is one of the popular dance academy in Tamil Nadu which is filled with immensely talented youths. Recently in 2019, dancers from the academy blazed the stage with their performances at the World hiphop competition at the United States. Will the housemates accept him as one among them? Will this new entry create chaos in the house? We have to wait a bit to know what the show will bring to us.

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