Bigg Boss 15, Day 66, Live Updates: Pratik Sehajpal loses his cool as Rashami Desai saves Karan Kundraa from nominations, Rakhi Sawant blasts Abhijit Bichukale

Bigg Boss 15 is all about how the contestants can move ahead on the show. Now, as there is a nomination task this week on Bigg Boss, we can see the contestants battle it out. We can expect many debates, discussions and fights on the show.

Live Blog

Dec 7th 2021

  • 11:41 pm

    Maine chaar baar shaadi ki hai, says Rakhi Sawant

    Rakhi shouts that she has been married four times but ‘ek baar bhi honeymoon nahin banaya’.

  • 11:39 pm

    Rakhi Sawant blasts Abhijit Bichukale over his ‘bhade ka pati’ remark

    Rakhi Sawant seems super-angry. The reason is Abhijit Bichukale’s ‘bhade ka pati’ remark. He tells it was a joke. Rakhi pulls Abhijit’s hair and starts throwing things. Pratik and others tell Abhijit that he was wrong. He apologises to Rakhi.

  • 11:15 pm

    Rajiv and Nishant have a cooking competition

    Rajiv cooks chicken and Nishant makes Fish fry. Devoleena, Rashami, and Rakhi, Abhijit and Ritesh taste their dishes and declare Nishant as the winner.

  • 11:13 pm

    Rakhi Sawant nominates Nishant

    In the next round, we can see Nishant and Rajiv debating. Rakhi says that while Nishant and Rajiv are strong contenders, Rajiv is better. That is why she saves Rajiv and nominates Nishant.

  • 11:09 pm

    Rajiv Adatia has a debate with Karan Kundraa

    Rajiv Adatia takes on Karan Kundraa in the next round. Rakhi Sawant is the sanchalak. She listens to them carefully and saves Rajiv.

  • 11:04 pm

    Rashami Desai saves Karan Kundraa from nominations

    Pratik Sehajpal and Karan Kundraa start debating on who needs immunity. Pratik says that Karan has used bal ka prayog on the show. Even Karan agrees. But Rashami saves Karan. Pratik opposes her decision and loses his cool.

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