Young Tamil actresses featured lesbian love song video ‘Magizhini’ wins hearts

Famous composer Govindu Vasantha’s music video ‘Magizhini’ has gone viral on the internet. The lesbian love themed song is written by Madhan Karky and rendered by Keerthana Vaithiyanathan.

‘Maghizhini’ features young Tamil actresses Gouri Kishan of ’96’ and ‘Master’ fame and Anagha of ‘Natpe Thunai’ and ‘Dikkiloona’ fame as the star crossed lovers. The storyline follows the close friendship between the two teenage girls who are dancers which then develops into love over a period of time.

The flutters of the heart, the pain of love and the opposition of the parents is told through dance. Director Balasubramanian has captured aesthetically all the conflicting emotions in the 6 minute video. Netizens’ praise for ‘Magizhini’ has been overwhelming.

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