A review on m portfolio and what can I do better?

A review on m portfolio and what can I do better?



A little about myself. I am a swing trader trading breakouts for the last 1 year (started in July). I have been in a drawdown of 3-4% since I started and just came to breakeven in April of this year. I am so grateful that I got to witness and participate in a bear in the early phase of my trading journey

Many of these positions were bought in the last month, with Kaynes and RVNL in August.I am currently a little more than 50% invested. Kaynes and CyientDLM has been an absolute sweetheart in my portfolio and feel like I betrayed and harassed her by micromanaging a lot. This is one of the biggest lessons I learnt in this last 6 months bull run.

And so, I decided to do a little experiment in this market correction which started on 12th September (I will never forget that date. It was literal bloodbath in the market that day), that I will not touch any positions until it comes down to 20ema and closes below it. I cut my positions down to 5-10% so that it won’t have any significant drawdown on my portfolio and rode them down to 20ema. Fortunately all the stocks were strong and did not close below it.

On the other hand, Zomato has been a piece of shit bully to my Laxmi and a waste of time and opportunity. Such a slow mover with no good decisive upmove. Its just drifting up slowly.

Any and all the suggestions are welcome here. Also please tell me if I am going in the right direction or not. Thank you for reading the post \^\_\^

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