Advice on University Selection

Advice on University Selection

Hello, I am planning to complete my Masters in USA. I need suggestions on universities I can check. I do not have anyone who can guide me regarding this. I spoke to multiple consultancies, and I am getting different suggestions every time. I have no idea what to choose.
So, I have completed my 3 years degree with 54%. I have 6 years of work experience. And I am planning to complete MBA in STEM. I am looking at affordable tuition fees. If anyone has completed STEM MBA in USA, I have few questions and would really be grateful if you can answer them,
1 – I have given my IELTS and my score is 7.5 overall. Do I need to write GRE? Considering my academics are not impressive.
2 – I am planning to take education loan, mostly from international education loan lenders. Because, no collateral and no co signer. Would you be able to suggest universities?
I understand the information is available online and I can google it. But, its a lot of information and I really would appreciate some guidance if you have completed masters in USA.

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  2. I do not know how grad schools in the USA judge your work in India, but getting into grad school is competitive. Luckily, there are a LOT of grad schools in the USA. Apply online to as many as possible

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