Airtel – Unable to receive OTPs

Airtel – Unable to receive OTPs

I’m currently in Europe & not receiving OTPs from my bank & aadhaar card on my Airtel mobile number since 2 months. Though I don’t have any active plan for my Airtel sim-card (as I can’t make calls/use internet abroad), but I’ve network-coverage(about 90%) for my airtel sim & am able to receive other OTPs for amazon, weather-forcast, airtel broadband.

is it due to the fact that I don’t have an active recharge or I’m abroad?

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  2. >is it due to the fact that I don’t have an active recharge or I’m abroad?


    In the past, I’ve sometimes been able to receive OTPs without having an active plan. However, if you can’t receive OTPs, then recharging for a small amount should fix the problem, at least until you’ve exhausted the recharge value.

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