Are there any unsolved crimes in India that are attributed to a serial killer?

Are there any unsolved crimes in India that are attributed to a serial killer?

We hear a lot about western serial killers and know a lot of details about them. Sometimes we even discuss about unsolved crimes in hopes of solving them some day. We even know about several serial killers in India and their horrific acts. However, we barely have discussions about unsolved crimes committed by or even attributed to a serial killer in India and I’m curious to know if anyone has any information on this. Maybe the apathy of the authorities or the disinterest of public have contributed to misidentifying such crimes. Have you heard or read about such crimes in India but have never been solved? Please comment. Thanks!

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  1. In the if an unidentified dead body is found , police will trace it for 3 days and then dump it all together. No connection, no pattern , no nothing.

    In Delhi there used to be a Guy chandrkant jha, he would call migrants from Bihar and provide them guidance in life. If anyone refused to follow him, he would tie them up chop them into pieces and then he would put the remains in a basket, tie them tightly and throw them outside Central Jail, outside District Courts, Outside Police Stations. He did it from 1998 to 2007, a new body every few months. No one cared, no one knew. One time he even stayed till the cops got there and untied the basket as a member of the public. No one had any clue

    Police is so fucking incompetent that they could not identify a single dead body, when three of them even had their names tattooed on their arm.

    Luckily the cops arrested him on a false theft case , without knowing he’s a serial killer. He spent 6-7 months in jail and then when he came out he started writing letters and calling the police officer who arrested him.

    Finally someone woke up, police formed a team to catch him and he was caught within 3 days. Such is the state of our society

    Being a Serial Killer is extremely easy, kill people no one cares about and unless you talk to the police , you will never be caught.

  2. To classify a murder as a “serial” murder requires data that documents the murder fully, the MO, the forensics etc . This requires a robust crime and criminal database that can match disparate elements. I’m not convinced that our police force has this data. So an unsolved murder will be just that a single incident. Finally of course our police force is equally capable of randomly picking up someone as the culprit and by the time that person establishes his innocence, decades have passed and the crime forgotten.

  3. There are numerous in Uttar Pradesh, but the thing is police is not interested. There are many truck drivers or factory workers who tell of their exploits after sufficient time has elapsed. These are lone wolfs and then there is bawaria gang who are famous for their ruthless killings. In fact all the members of the gang are serial killers, they are also known as kachcha baniyan gang.


    This was in the national news before the culprit was caught. The murderers were classified as serial killings and I remember reading some article about a particular incident being labeled as ‘possibly perpetrated by the chain man’.

    India unfortunately has a high amount of low risk victims for predators and arguably no less serial killers than any other country. What makes it into investigative focus or media attention is unpredictable.

    In case of the Nithari murders, locals knew that something was going on but owing to the vagrant nature of victims, the police did not pay attention until irrefutable evidence emerged. Same with regards to the Hyderabad serial killer who targeted slum residents.

    NCRB annually reports around 20 murders to be serial killings. Not all of them are solved cases. Considering a vast variability in the cooling off periods, 20 cases can mean 15+ serial killers active in that year, caught or at large.

  5. If you want to know about India’s most wanted serial killer, just read about the following cases and their interconnections:
    – Haren Pandya case,
    – Sohrabuddin, Kausar Bii and Tulsiram Prajapati
    – Justice Loya

    This is pretty public information found everywhere.

  6. ### Kali’s Pawn Murders

    The Kali’s Pawn Murders refers to a series of unsolved homicides that occurred in Bangalore, India, during the 1970s. The case involves the murders of ten children, believed to be the work of a single individual, who has connections to a cult devoted to the Hindu goddess Kali. The suspect, who remains unidentified and at large, is reported to be originally from Uttar Pradesh, India.

    The modus operandi of these crimes involved the alleged culprit approaching middle-class women who had ailing relatives. The suspect would convince these women that they could heal their relatives through a ritualistic sacrifice to Kali. Initially, these sacrifices started with chickens, but the severity escalated over time, culminating in the horrific sacrifice of human children. The victims were typically from low-income families, making the investigation into their disappearances and subsequent murders challenging due to limited resources and societal bias.

    In a significant development decades later, one woman confessed on her deathbed about her involvement with the mysterious man from Uttar Pradesh. Her testimony provided crucial details regarding the suspect and the rituals performed. However, despite this confession, the authorities were unable to apprehend the suspect, adding a layer of intrigue and complexity to the case.

    The Kali’s Pawn Murders had a significant societal impact on Bangalore. The case highlighted the stark contrast between the city’s growing middle class and its impoverished population, particularly with respect to access to justice and societal protections. Furthermore, the case illuminated problematic aspects of religious exploitation and manipulation within the community.

    As of the present day, the Kali’s Pawn Murders remain one of India’s most notorious unsolved cases. The mystery surrounding the identity of the perpetrator, the chilling modus operandi, and the cult connection continue to intrigue criminologists and the public alike, making it a significant chapter in the annals of India’s criminal history.

  7. Remember pathar maar? They never caught his ass either. I’m guessing if you’re a serial killer in India then you will have a long and successful career because our dumbfuck police force will never get you. Everyone knows the cops are incompetent, but I don’t think most realize just how useless hey are.

  8. Human life isn’t considered a valuable resource in India. It’s the harsh truth.

    If money is lost, the system is built to investigate that faster than human life

  9. Unfortunately in India, unless the crime gets media attention; it is often just ignored, often not even recorded and reported if the victims are poor. After all, every police station wants to claim that they have the lowest crime rate that they don’t even record the crimes 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. A serial killer (also called a serial murderer) is typically a person who murders three or more people, with the murders taking place over more than a month and including a significant period of time between them. While most authorities set a threshold of three murders, others extend it to four or lessen it to two.

    The four main types of serial killers based by the type of crime they commit are as follows: thrill seekers, mission-oriented, visionary killers, and power/control seekers.

    In classifying types of serial murder, the factors discussed are behavioral background, victim profiles, methods used, and location of the murders. Four types of serial murderers are identified: the ‘visionary,’ the ‘mission-oriented,’ ‘hedonistic,’ and ‘power/control-oriented.

    Are serial killers born or made?

    Are serial killers born this way or are they a product of their environment? Dr. Scott Bonn, criminologist, author and public speaker: It’s likely a combination of the two. Psychopaths are born that way, while sociopaths have been socialized into it.,in%20Oudh%20and%20central%20India.
    this place you can found about it.

  11. Even that serial killer from Bangalore. He raped and killed so many women, why??? Coz he ran from police custody not once not twice but thrice. Yes thrice. These losers should also be held accountable for those murders. Police was just a waste body in this case.

  12. Nithari murder case. Although it seems to have been solved now. I live 300-400m away from the house where all of that happened. I was 9 years old back then. Was really scary. Could see the house everyday when I used to via by school bus.

  13. Most Indian killers have a motive (money ,power, sex ) it is rare to find direction less serial killers in India
    because of strong family system

    I think there is a study in psychology related to the same where there are specific patterns (individualistic society , social security , foster care etc.) Which are primary factors behind the making of a serial killer.

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  15. Wasn’t there something about there being serial killers in Bangalore? (Umesh Reddy). The thing is, there are “serial killers” but they’re not sensationalised in the news.

  16. There are plenty of serial killers throughout India. Some of them slip poisons into foods at restaurants. Some of them simply lace pharmaceuticals with cancer-causing materials.

    Some of them are just doctors who botch fake surgeries when the bribe isn’t high enough.

    The result is the same: serial murder.
    and Super Easy to get away with.

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