Ask me anything about Life at a top IIM. Current MBA student at IIM A/B/C. ( Obvio at one of them)

Ask me anything about Life at a top IIM. Current MBA student at IIM A/B/C. ( Obvio at one of them)

Hey Folks, I am currently doing my MBA from one of the top IIMs in the country i.e. IIM A/B/C. Ask me anything about you want to know about the life inside those walls and associated things. Plz dont ask me about your selection chances with specific set of academic scores. Let’s keep this fun..

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  1. With advent of Chatgpt, a computer can write better business and execution plan than humans in many cases. What specific skills your teacher is going to teach you, so that you are still relevant for market when you pass out after 2 years?

    I have been pondering to this question in regards to my field in IT, I wonder what smart people like you think about this?

    Please chat about this with your classmates and professors and do share the summary. Thanks for taking your time.

    Edit: Bhai downvote kyu kar rahe ho? Ye India ka sabse bada issue hone wala hai aane wale 5 saalo me. Unemployment

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  3. What are chances of getting into good iim if I wasn’t good at academic in college like i get 5.5 cgpa in college, 91 in 12th, 6cgpa in 10th.

    Also if i join it at the age of 28-29with only 2 year of work ex. From sc category. And if Work ex is from psu bank.

    Do you think it’s worth it?

  4. i am a GEM student, 20M, 92% in 10th, 95% in 12th, average of 5 gpa in 4 sems and this might increase to 7 max by the end of my 4th year. I am an NSUT CSE student. I believe this profile is a 9/9/7. How much minimum %ile is required for CAT for IIM ABC respectively?

  5. I’d dropped out of one of A/B/C’s because of multiple reasons in ’ didn’t affect me much because I was upto something and did above average in my career.

    Had a question for you – what do you want to do in life? What was your previous CTC before joining IIM?

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