Ayoo, guyz needa help in transfering money from NY to Bharat!

Ayoo, guyz needa help in transfering money from NY to Bharat!

Actually I’m a Blender artist fron Bharat and I don’t use Paypal or any other thing! The client said that he’ll pay me via RIA it accepts UPI. So is it true that you can pay to UPI via RIA and how much time and tax does it cuts out and what information should I give him!

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  2. I’d STRONGLY advise you to use PayPal.

    PayPal has diffuser features for different countries. Assuming NZ has the rich features US and UK enjoy, you can ask your client to process the payment to your PayPal wallet without ANY tax deduction.

    The tax deduction / platform charges are a small fee for sure, but it can add up to a significant amount depending on the size of your payout.

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