Best Thriller/Mystery Indian Web Series?

Best Thriller/Mystery Indian Web Series?

I am liking the new wave of India focused thriller web shows. So far my favs are

* Paatal Lok – I was suprised to see such low ratings for this in IMDb – 8.1. It deserves atleast a 9. I think this is due to “Bhakts” downvoting this as it had some controversial elements

* Aranyak – I wasn’t expecting much from this, but the suspense and the buildup was worth it in addition to the enchanting forest landscapes. The payoff is not that great, but all in all pretty good

* The Family Man – Absolutely great. Such a grounded series showcasing the hardships of being a family man and yet creates an intriguing story with respect to the main terrorism plot.

* Delhi Crime – Such a break from conventional, procedural storytelling. I loved the upclose, documentary style shooting of this show.

* Breathe (Season 1) – Madhavan is just excellent in his role. They built up a great story but couldn’t deliver the landing. But all in all, a worthy watch.

Shows which I didn’t like are

* Asur – Such a laughable clone of english thriller shows. The grotesque almost comical style of murders plus trying to create too much enigma around the antagonist in addition to incoherent storytelling makes this a downer. I am surprised to see ratings of 8.4 of this on IMDb.

* Breathe (Season 2) – The buildup is good enough for first few episodes then it takes a rollercoaster dive

Others on my list are Special Ops and Kaala Paani. Is the latter worth watching. What other recommendations do you guys have?

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