Can someone tell me exactly how are folks able to travel SEA countries for so cheap

Can someone tell me exactly how are folks able to travel SEA countries for so cheap

I’m looking for tickets for the Nov since last month. It’s close to 2 months before travel and i almost always see that the ticket prices are like 15-20k if you add check in luggage one way. Min 30k both ways.

I checked for ticket prices for Feb 2024 and even then the round ticket with check in baggage is 23k and that’s with a 15 hour layover. I Don’t know how many folks are into a 15 hour layover and i certainly don’t think most any travel person whose videos I’ve seen did that.

And if you are doing Bangkok and Phuket round trip, it’s gonna cost you at 8k again with a checked baggage.

And with 5k VOA, just this much only ends up costing like just these things alone is 40k

Not sure how many women will pick 700-900 hostels. Many of those hostels are not in city center and traveling will be a pain. But sure, let’s pick those. That’s still some good 6k for 6N trip.

Taxi prices in Phuket are insane. It’s basically showing you 400baht for 10km which is 1k cost. Heck just a cab from airport to your hotel or visa versa will be 600-1000. You will definitely need some good budget to travel in the city. I would say like 1k per day if i imagine you walk and use public transport in Bangkok to compensate for Phuket prices.

Food for any vegetarian is like 400-500 per meal. That’s roughly 1k per day and 7k for a 7 day trip.

And i haven’t even added any of the cost of activities. That one Phi phi Island tour is 4-5k.

40k tickets and visa + 6k hostels + 7k meals + 5k phi phi tour + 8k transportation for 7 days and flight transfers + travel insurance alone is close to 70k. And this is a very budget option. I haven’t even added any water sports or any other attractions in Bangkok.

Does everybody carry only 7kgs ?? Is that enough??

Or there is some hack everyone knows that I’m unable to see.

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  1. 8k for Bangkok+Phuket round trip is dirt cheap. I spend that much for just a round trip to Mumbai.

    Looks like you are operating on a very tight budget.

    Might I suggest ditching the international trip and going loco like Leh-Ladakh (my fav) or Rajasthan or HP.

    A 15 days Leh + Ladakh + Manali + Shimla + Kashmir + Kargil trip costed me only 60k.

  2. The videos are pure clickbait and nothing else.

    If you’re going to a foreign country, I’ll suggest to have a sizeable budget. It will help you explore the place in peace.

  3. It’s cheap compared to other popular destinations, not cheap compared to Indian standards.

    For example, I can get a nice hotel (I’m with Marriott) in prime locations in Bangkok or Bali for $100, in Singapore for $200, but at the same time it costs $600 or so if I want to stay in central London or Paris. Even smaller European cities can easily cost upwards of $400.

    Same goes for taxi. In Austria they charge some $800 to travel 200 kms in a taxi. In SEA that shouldn’t cost you more than $100.

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  5. 70k would be a very acceptable budget for a trip to thailand.

    I travelled with my friends so cost of hotels and transfers was split among us.

    In my experience, flights to Bangkok was cheaper than Phuket. Last time I went, After landing Bangkok, we directly travelled to Krabi via flight, then Phuket via Shared van, then to Pattaya via flight and then to bangkok via public bus, we ended up spending 80k per head for 10 days. Visa was free though during that time.

    For taxi, try via grab app (like uber). It will be cheaper. But I remember Phuket Airport was more than 30km away from main tourist-y area ; ie. Patong Beach. There are public buses as well.

    Check for shared transfers at
    In Bangkok, take hotels near the metro line, so you can travel easily.

    Food will be obviously expensive if you want to eat indian food and that too vegetarian.

  6. It’s not that people are finding cheap options.
    It’s that people are okay with spending 1 lakh per person on a trip.
    I think it’s completely acceptable to spend 10 percent of annual income on vacation. I probably spend more than 10 percent.

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