Can this story translate into a good thriller flick ?

Can this story translate into a good thriller flick ?

A highly regarded professor by profession, a videographer by passion, our antagonist becomes obsessed with filming crime scenes when he comes across a live murder on one of his evening adventures.

The obsession takes a turn for the worse when the drought of crimes to film forces him to manually build up situations that trigger a crime. This eventually escalates to him committing murders himself while setting up the camera to film the entire activity. Even his students become the victim.

He’s a genius though. He manages to distribute these videos while successfully evading the detectives and suspicions of his wife. His quick thinking and ability to manipulate people gets him out of trouble despite being under the radar of the two brilliant detectives.

Until one day his very beloved wife is nabbed for a murder. Will he weave up a plan to free her? Or will killing her give him a better chance of survival? Did she actually commit the murder? Or was it him and the evidence for it exists inside a camera roll? Or was she the one who motivated him to kill and was behind the camera when he was at it?


All villians need not necessarily have a deep emotional backstory that results in them joining hands with the devil. With that in mind, I cooked up this story where the antagonist is plain evil (perhaps a psychological disorder).


Cast: SRK has proved time and again how convincingly he can portray a psychotic villian. So, SRK is the antagonist, with Mohanlal and Tabu playing the detectives. Deepika could play the wife.

Thanks for reading. Share your thoughts.

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