Carpooling in India: Mega Thread

Carpooling in India: Mega Thread

In the US:
– Uber and Lyft are ride-sharing apps.

In India:
– Uber and Ola are taxis
– Carpooling apps are ride-sharing apps technically
– It is illegal for white board vehicles to carry paying passengers.
– If someone with a white-plate is charging for a ride. And gets into an accident… the insurance company can deny the claim. Cause commercial activity is not permitted.

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  1. In Mumbai, the “ride-sharing” was a thing even in the late 90s and early 2000s especially in the Western suburbs. It was arranged on basis of personal connections/office contacts rather than apps.

    Personally I find that a much better and safer way than these apps that have come up.

  2. It is illegal for a reason, but if I share any further I will be downvoted to hell. So let it be. Threads in the sub are not for discussion but catharsis.

    Anyway, I do support car pooling esp in congested cities. It is beneficial.

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