Curious Case of Kiara Advani

Curious Case of Kiara Advani

So, without a doubt, Kiara is a very talented actress, and she is gorgeous too.

She has given some very impactful performances and some beautiful ones too.


**But her project choice is absolutely ridiculous.** For every one good she does, there would be at least two or three bad ones. For example, after Shershaah, hopes were high from her. Instead, she did Bhool Bhulaiya 2 and her role in that movie was mediocre. She did good, but her character had nothing. Similarly, she was good in Jug Jug Jiyo but then she did Govinda Mera Naam.

She could be the next big thing in the Bollywood, but given she chooses her future project more wisely.

She needs to diversify her projects. For now, she seems to be comfortable with playing wife roles and flowerpot roles. But to stand apart from the rest of the crowd, she needs to be different.

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  1. I get what you are saying, but I don’t agree with the examples. Govinda Naam Mera was a well made thriller comedy and she had good screen time in it, although she wasn’t required to display any acting chops. Her Bhool Bhulaiya role was very poor but the movie turned out to be a super hit and she benefited from it. So she clearly seems to know more about movie choices than you and me 🤷‍♂️

  2. actually the thing with Kiara is that she has talent , she has that charm which you need to have to be a bollywood actor , but like you said her choice of scripts is really bad and the other major drawback that i see with her is that ” She looks the same in every single movie ” no matter what she plays. Preeti from Kabir Singh and Dimple from Shershaah these are the only two characters she played where we felt okay this is not Kiara but this is actually Preeti and Dimple respectively but take a look at other characters she has played till now. Jugg Jugg Jiyo , Bhool Bhulaiya 2 , Even this new release Satyaprem ki Katha , All same looks , same hairstyle , same vibe and same sort of mediocre acting. She needs to be more versatile if she wants to be the bollywood’s next big actress. When you play a character , people should believe that you are that character and not your original self. Kiara looks kiara and feels like Kiara in every character except the two i mentioned. Thats the major no no for me.

  3. Govinda mera naam was really good.. and her character too was good .. what r u really talking about.m I guess she has good hits in her kitty. And she stands out whenever director focussed on her. Satya will also be a hit.. BB2 was an average fil anyway, none of the characters had depth except tabu.

  4. To be very honest, I don’t think she exactly got the best of the scripts earlier. If Satyaprem Ki Katha becomes a massive hit, then I guess, she has a better pick.

    Having said that, she delivers when she gets a good role. I really liked her in Guilty (even though the movie was eh-whatever, but she was quite good in it).

  5. I think she is here for a stardom and money and not really interested in being an “actor”. She knows her limits and she is not great at acting. It is better for her to stick to these kind of roles.

  6. To be frank she can give tough competition to the nepo kids, though she is not hailed as a good actress like the god of acting Alia..Kiara can become a decent star.

  7. i don’t think Kiara’s ever done a flowerpot role? her characters are generally decently written and have a solid arch or a real effect on the story, they’re not just accessories for the hero. She definitely relies on her co-leads though

    but, at the same time, there’s very very few single-lead female-centric movies as a whole. *let alone* ones that do decent at the box office.

  8. She doesn’t care about what the films are. She just cares if they are going to be hits. She looks the same as everything. She’ll be the go to flowerpot staple for a few years and then she’ll fade away when another person replaces her and no one will remember her. Like those older actresses of the past that now come on Indian Idol as guests

  9. She’s doing it at par compared to most actresses in Bollywood films. There are too few movies that have a lead female character and most movies still use actresses only as props. In TV/web series it’s the other way round, lots of strong female leads and there’s enough for every actress.

  10. She has to make the most of what comes her way. All good scripts are snatched by Alia Bhatt first. In my opinion Kiara looks better, emotes better than her and has more commercial appeal but doesn’t get plum roles opp A list male actors

  11. After watching satya prem ki katha my opinion is she is better actor than alia bhatt but not been offered good roles. All meaty roles are being offered to alia whether she suits for role or not. Kalank and gangubai are examples

  12. Just becasue a hit is followed by a flop, doesn’t mean the actors sign on that way. Sometimes the movie that was shot first can release later, so the roller coaster trajectory her movies take might be more to do with how and when they release.

  13. She can only go as far as her non acting abilities can take her. She knows her limitations and she’s okay with it. As an audience I’d rather see her on instagram than Theater but it wouldn’t hurt to watch her in a movie either. It’s just that voice and timing ain’t suited for it or else she would’ve made a decent actor.

  14. She is lucky alia was the first choiche for Shershaah
    She is playing her card reesly well to get under the Dharma and take the film from alia Like jug Jug Jeeyo film And She Is 200 Percent auditing for Bhansali film

  15. I am surprised with the opinion that her choices after Shershaah have been ridiculous. Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 has some good moments for Kiara even though the movie is a Tabu and Karthik Aryan movie. Jugjugg Jeeyo and Govinda Naam Mera again have material roles for her even though the movies are on the lighter side. It also seems that you havent watched Satyaprem Ki Katha which in my opinion is one of her best acting roles till now and a completely unexpected movie. Her last 5 movies are at a completely different level compared to her early career choices.

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