Dangal is the only Indian film to gross more than $ 300 million. A massive chunk of this came from China. I sincerely believe if we want to cross the magical 1 billion $ mark, we need a global audience with multiple nationalities. Only Indian audiences cannot push us beyond that mark.

Dangal is the only Indian film to gross more than $ 300 million. A massive chunk of this came from China. I sincerely believe if we want to cross the magical 1 billion $ mark, we need a global audience with multiple nationalities. Only Indian audiences cannot push us beyond that mark.

Dangal is the only Indian film to gross more than $ 300 million. A massive chunk of this came from China. I sincerely believe if we want to cross the magical 1 billion $ mark, we need a global audience with multiple nationalities. Only Indian audiences cannot push us beyond that mark.

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  1. Chinese economy is huge their domestic films earn around 800million all the time. In 2021 one of the highest grossing films around the world was a Chinese film.

  2. Khud apni audience jhel nahi pa rahi inhe international audience ko torcher karna hai. Dangal worked in China bcoz they themselves are crazy for sports and it’s a well made film.

  3. The difference in Hollywood and Bollywood is value in home market. USA ATP 12$ India ATP 3$ that means 4 guys in India are giving same value as 1 guy in America.

    1. Hollywood, Home Market, USA(and maybe Canada also IDK for sure)

    Hollywood is High Ticket Market. Meaning 12$ ATP. About 30% business comes from home market(eg Marvel Movies). For some movies up to 50% movies(The Equalizer 1 and 2). Not every Hollywood movies release in India. But Mostly have Markets in Western Countries, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe(Western). Also note these countries have similar culture and language(To the extend that the stories and characters are relatable to the audience)

    About 30-35 movies release in China, Russia market is on and off (so ignore for moment). China Market can provide 30% share in revenue for super hit movies, generally they are big movies only. Like Marvel movies, Avatar 2, Disney Live Action etc all eyes for China Market.

    India contributes very less, on average 2%, Endgame had 5% share in total gross. China had 30%+. I am trying to show the difference in value.

    The Equalizer 2 released in 2018, made about 102Mn$ or 816Cr (USA and Canada). With 12$ ATP, FootFalls comes to be around 85 Lakhs(8.5Mn). It was Rated R and it ranked 31 in top Domestic highest grossing movies 2018 in their BO.

    Now for a Movie in India to make the same Collection, at 3$ ATP, 4X foot falls are required. Which means, 3.4Crore foot falls. 2018, Sanju, Rank 1 highest grossing movie foot falls 2.80Cr, Gross Collection 430Cr.

    Notice, at USDINR = 70(for 2018). 430Cr is 61Mn$ and with 2.8Cr footfalls, ATP actually is 2.20$ and not 3$. But never the less. The Equalizer 2 is not a out of the world movie. It is a formulaic movie, driven by star power, buzz around the villain packed with Action and thrill. In 2019, War came, pretty similar formula, Star driven Action Thriller made 344Crore (49Mn$) with 2.04 Crore foot falls(20.4Mn). ATP 2.41$ (still less than 3$). It was rank 1 highest grossing movie 2019.

    So Rank 1 Highest grossing movie of 2018 Bollywood makes 61Mn$ and 2019 Rank 1 movie makes 49Mn$ while Rank 31 movie of Hollywood makes 102Mn$ in their respective home markets. The Equalizer makes 2x of what with less than half of footfalls.

    Bollywood home market is not valuable. Do we get buzz for Ambulance movie from Hollywood? Why we get buzz about unchartered movie? Because Tom Holland stars in it, why Tom Holland has buzz in India? because He was star of 2Bn$ movie. Why Washington driven movie has audience here, because of previous hits. Big star led big movies and good money makers from hollywood comes to India. Likewise for our movies too. Dangal was big success in India and it blasted in China. Secret Superstar, Andhadhun did great in China but hardly covered costs in home market and there name is not at top.

    2. Home market is important. It gives boost. Secondly, Like Hollywood prime market is is their home market, then UK, Canada, Australia , Europe and then rest of world. (China is very big market but again 35 movies limit so only big movies will benefit hence ignoring for time being). India, countries that share language(regional also) and culture with India are Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South East Aisan countries, etc. But most countries, releasing movies is controversial or again not much valuable. More risky. Middle east countries also. We have seen Bollywood gaga in Soviet Union and later Russia, and now Aamir Khan is seen as a hero in China, meanwhile some penetration is happening in West countries too.

    But Home market is key, here we are boycotting and demanding 1$ aka 75 Rs ticket price because our whole budget is screwed. we are happy with all rising costs but movies needs to be free. And then we also don’t appreciate neither art nor movie making. We find happiness in trolling and giving gali to whatever makes money even if little. All support and rooting for narrative is face polish thing. Chup ticket price was 75 when it released. It had positive WOM, Critics love it, then also it is now hardly recovering cost. Ab bologe ki inki audience hi nahi hai. Toh ye WOM kaise ban gaya? Audience hai, muh se support karne wali, jaha paisa deti hai waha sirf gali deti hai. no?

    USA criticize their movies but they don’t do it to kill the business but in India jiski movie chalti hai use mainstream ke dibbe me daalke gaali dete raho, critics jal ke raakh ho jaate hai koi movie chal gyi jo unke narrative ko suit nhi karti, they want to kill business, except for their favourite ones. Hollywood have genuine fans who voice themselves with passion. Humare influencers are fake fans jo dil se gaali deke paisa chaapne me lage hue hai and nothing else. na koi critic movie bana sakta hai aur na use kuch aata hai din bhar gaali. 10 me se 9 video gaali. 1 video me appreciation kyunki face polish karni hai.

    3. 1Bn$ will come but for one movie and then? upar ke sab kaaran hai ki we always get outliers once in a while aur hum usko success bol dete hai proudfeel wala hashtag post karne ke liye. But more movies should do more business and grow. Janta toh paisa degi nahi, Subsidy model se bhi growth nahi aata, so investment will vome only from Private people. As long as people will be like Private se jalo aur use khatam karo as a class. Tab tak 1Bn se 2Bn me 30 saal. lagte rahege. When it can take 1 year only.

  4. > I sincerely believe if we want to cross the magical 1 billion $ mark, we need a global audience with multiple nationalities. Only Indian audiences cannot push us beyond that mark.

    What is this “We” and “us”..??

    “We” are audience and what “we” want is good content and entertainment out of a movie..

    Who cares whether movie is liked in China or US..??

  5. How did you come to this remarkable conclusion? What researching techniques did you use Sherlock?

    Even Hollywood movies don’t earn 1 billion domestically.

  6. Why is 1 billion USD magical mark ? If the movie has good content and liked in India and making enough profits for its team then who cares how much it earns on top of that.

    This is like Indian parents pushing their children to get 1st rank for no reason than to feel good about themselves.

    Just like you should focus on all round development of child, you should also focus on good content of Indian movies, not some arbitrary American benchmark for profits.

  7. >if we want to cross the magical 1 billion $ mark,

    Only 2 things can do that. Stardom n Content. More like 70% stardom and 30% content. Look at Chennai Express or Dilwale. 25-30Million overseas in 2013 n 2015 respectively. Thats the overseas gross of KGF2 n RRR or maybe more. And 1 Billion Dollars? Our market isnt that big domestically and it cant be. It aint bout Indian Film Industry or Hollywood, its about India n USA.

    Another is that do French or German or Italian films gross a a billion dollars? Nope. Why? Cuz of the release size n dubbing. Our r released in their original language n not English dub(it plays a important role imo since why wd anyone like to be totally dependent on subs). Another thing is risk. If I m a producer then the only actor who can guarantee me an overseas success is SRK. Thats why u see in the 00s, YRF n Dharma n RCE(homs prod) gave him the widest releases overseas cuz they knew that his presence wd make the film a hit overseas. Why we watch a Tom Cruise movie here? Cuz of the content or story? Nah. Cuz he’s TOM CRUISE. Why we watch Marvel movies n no one showed up for the Snyderverse? Cuz of Marvel’s goodwill.

    In the end all I can say is that just enjoy whatever we r and not compare ourselves unnecessarily

  8. Everyone who was doubting the Star power of Aamir Khan should be showed this. With south movies smashing records everywhere Dangal is still the highest earning Indian movie. There were many reasons why LSC failed and because if one movie we cant undermine Aamir’s star power.

  9. Plus China benefitted hugely internationally from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, which was a huge box office success as well as won a handful of Oscars.

    We had this opportunity but, then NETFLIX views doesnt really translate to dollars, plus the FFI are idiots.

  10. I can be wrong but hear me out. Dangal’s record will be broken by RRR if they do it right in amongst Chinese. It’s releasing in Japan on oct 21, that market will give us a good idea. Then the chinese market is an excellent playground and Indian films have some repo there as well. Bahubali 2 has earned over 600cr+ there so it is very much possible that SSR’s this project can break all the records.

    Let’s see if they even make an chinese release, its already 6+months since the original release and is available on Netflix. It would be surprising, if they don’t do it, from a business standpoint.

    Also it’s sad and interesting to see that many Anime movies have better collections than any of the Indian movies, even dangal. That reminds us, Content is king 👑

  11. One solution to a billion dollar film is definitely a wider audience with a script that ‘travels’ across cultures, languages, lived experiences. But I think another possible way to a billion dollar film is through higher $ per ticket (which can only happen over time) as GDP per capita rises, disposable income rises, and the screen penetration rises in India (similar to China or the U.S.)

  12. Dangal was housefull in China.

    I watched it 2 times in 2 different theaters in China, both housefull and the local audience were clapping and cheering at the end .

    Similarly Andhadhun and secret superstar were also widely popular here.

    At the same time, Bahubali was not at all liked too much by the viewers here, many theaters were running Bahubali with only less than 10 viewers.
    Similarly, RRR will also fail here if it gets released

    It is because of the audience’s taste.
    Movies like 3 idiots, andhadhun, 102 not out, dangal, secret superstar ( essentially movies with less masala and unnecessary songs ) will be huge success here.

    102 not out was running near house full even in tier 3 cities.

  13. If I remember correctly, 3 idiots post it’s release was a huge success in China via DVDs, online download etc.

    It made Amir a huge star in China and hence Dangal and secret superstar was well received, also they were good movies and relatable to Chinese audience.

  14. To be honest , if you ask Chinese people on any forums if they have heard of Dangal or Secret Superstar of Aamir khan nobody seems to know. Considering a foreign film in China with such massive success without any big Indian diaspora, it sounds fishy. Over that , both films did marginally average in India.

    This curious case of Aamir Khan should be investigated as both came before his controversial statements. This seems like a clear case of money laundering here looking how no one in Bollywood has yet to replicate considering both his films and infact many of his films in last decade was average/ below average.

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