[Discussion] Looking for Recommendations: Exploring the Wonders of Madhya Pradesh!

[Discussion] Looking for Recommendations: Exploring the Wonders of Madhya Pradesh!

Hey fellow travel enthusiasts!

I’m planning a trip to the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh on the last week of December, and I’m beyond excited to explore the diverse culture, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes this state has to offer. However, I’m in need of some expert recommendations on must-visit places, activities, and packages to make the most out of this adventure.

For those of you who have been to Madhya Pradesh or are familiar with the region, could you kindly suggest some great tour packages or activities that I should consider? Whether it’s exploring ancient temples, national parks, bustling markets, or hidden gems off the beaten path, I’m open to all suggestions.

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  2. For off-the-beaten-track suggestions, check Gwalior and its surroundings. Gwalior fort is quite well known and other nearby attractions include Datia Palace, Mitawali temple, Bateshwar temple complex. Rajasthan border and Chambal river are also close by and there is a gharial sanctuary in the Chambal river, with chance to spot migratory birds and Chambal river dolphins (though I have heard that Feb is a better season for this). Can throw in a visit to Kuno national park as well for the cheetahs.

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