Disease reversal Ashram/camp?

Disease reversal Ashram/camp?

Hi everyone

I suffer from chronic pain and various other health problems.
I am looking for a place ( ashram maybe) where they help with disease reversal. Just to give idea of what I am looking for, closest thing I have found yet is probably ramdev patanjali yogpeeth ( looking for something more genuine) . Also heard about bon monastery in Solan may have something similar, but no idea yet.

Even if you don’t know of any such place, please comment/like so it can reach more people. Would be a great help to me

Thank you so much

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  1. I would really advise against “disease reversal” organizations and camps. You’d be throwing money into dirt. I can’t offer any advice on these camps in good faith.

    Consult a specialist for the pain and consider physio if it’s applicable to you. Otherwise, feel free to ask any specific questions or describe your symptoms if you’d like more info.

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  3. You might think of me as a non believer and shrug me off, which you can. But these pain reversal camps do not work. My dad’s knee is still the same if not worse. Upto you to decide what you want to do with your money but yeah. Go to a physiotherapist. They’re pretty good. My brother is an athlete and his back has been giving out. So we visited the physiotherapist who’s doing a decent job with his pain.

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