Drama films are DEAD???

Drama films are DEAD???

There was a time when the most expensive and highest grossing movies were Drama movies like KABHI KHUSHI KABHIE GAM, LAGAAN, KAL HO NA HO, VEER ZAARA etc. But recently the trend has shifted to Action oriented films. I think last Drama film that gathered attention was DANGAL. And for almost a decade there are not many big budget simple drama films that can pull audiences to the big screen. The closest we got was a mediocre ROCKY AUR RANI KI PREM KAHANI.
I just think that this all can change with DUNKI.
Because no matter how much you enjoy slow motion shots combined with pulse pounding music. A simple drama film will always be remembered.

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  1. Majority of Indian audience weren’t exposed to foreign drama shows, sitcoms etc. The maturity and relatability factor is way higher in them, even for the shows contemporary to these movies. Also the music and way of presenting these dramas was beautifully done, that very well managed to captivate the Indian audience’s attention. The action genre tbh gained more prominence as it reaped the benefits of better technologies being adopted into filmmaking like vfx etc, and also it started getting better adopted into screenplay, while the drama didn’t seem to have much room for progress. I’d say the Ghajini vs RNBDJ clash could perfectly be termed as a junction where these two genres were at crossroads, after which if you notice action genre kept on making advancement in terms of mass appeal while romantic dramas started fading away gradually as one entered into the 2010s.

  2. if you count all the biopics as drama then they were on fire till 2019 even the drama/comedy genre was doing well . And this year had some decent drama films rocky aur rani , satyaprem ki katha etc

  3. Honestly, now the drama films people want to watch at home in their comfort space. They did not have that privilege back then. OTTs are coming with great Drama products that masala drama’s can’t really compete with. The only things OTT can’t produce are high budget masala’s which cinema halls help fill the void. Honestly, i think the production houses need to remodel the business in a way how warner bros does with making homely movies for HBO max and masala ones for the theaters.

    But then something that also contradicts my opinion is movies like Sita-Raman being full drama and making hundreds of crores.

    So… honestly i don’t know what the hell I’m talking 😜. Hope I’m not wasting your time in reading this comment.

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