Driving on Indian roads is so stressful!

Driving on Indian roads is so stressful!

My father is helping me practice driving so I can start taking my car out on my own. He’s a no-nonsense and highly disciplined person when it comes to driving so he tells me to turn on the indicator when I switch between lanes, to stay within the middle lane throughout and to maintain the speed according to traffic.

Due to metro work in various parts of the city, the roads are in absolute chaos right now. Roads randomly diverge from two lanes to three and then suddenly back to two, to accommodate metro work taking place. Most people don’t use indicators when switching lanes at high speed or making a turn. Larger vehicles like buses and water tanks honk indiscriminately on two lane roads having a speed limit of 30. I know it is an intimidation tactic to pressure us to speed up or make way for them to overtake, but it is so stressful! Bikes overtake through really tiny gaps on the side at high speeds any chance they get.

I’m probably annoyed because I’m still getting used to driving, but it is so stressful. I’m constantly cursing in my head (I try to keep it polite when I curse out loud but for some reason I keep saying donkey-head?). It’s exhausting having to watch all mirrors, keep my speed in check, stay alert for clowns, keep an eye on the signal and stay within my lane. Will there be a day where I can actually enjoy the drive with some good music and no stress?

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  1. For sure, it’ll get better. Driving is definitely stressful when you’re starting out, you don’t know exactly which signals and events to look out for, so you’re in a constant alert state and need to pay active attention to everything happening around you. This happens even when you learn to drive in a country where they follow all the traffic rules. As you get more and more experienced, a lot of this becomes second nature and you can drive without actively thinking about it.

    That said, it’ll still never be as easy as driving g in other countries. The driving model itself is different. In India you have to always drive defensively, such as approaching every intersection with caution. In other countries, people largely follow the rules, so (for the most part) you only have to focus on your own car and whether you are following the rules correctly.

  2. Its very stressful but try to not be overwhlemed by this. Soon your muscle memory will kick in and you will do all of these things like checking mirrors and changing lanes correctly without too much planning. Always remember to enjoy driving a vehicle.

  3. No matter how experienced you get, driving with your father will always be stressful.

    I’ve learned to mute his voice when driving so I now I’m a bit relaxed. But earlier it used to be hell. Don’t worry, slowly you’ll love driving. I love driving on my own, with slow music playing, it’s almost meditating on good highways lol

  4. It is stressful and you are doing fine, I just cuss out of my mind. Of course not with window down.
    It’s even more stressful when you are driving car because bikers just try to cut off and cross in front of us, even when we turn with indicators on. They don’t care. So just be careful about not crashing into them completely. Anything else is no big deal tbh.
    And even I also got tensed and stressed when any vehicles honked behind me while I was learning, especially if i go next to big vehicle, I used to fee km anxious. Now it got better and I ignore all the nonsense

    Good luck kid

  5. Bro I am NRI and I managed to learn how to drive in chaotic traffic of india. Ofcourse an automatic car made the transition even more easier. Be very alert and defensive when driving in india. Be as alert as possible. I can’t stress this enough. You will get better when time and kilometres driven add up. Good luck.

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