Dunzo Expenses > Funding, another WeWork incoming?

Dunzo Expenses > Funding, another WeWork incoming?

Dunzo Expenses > Funding, another WeWork incoming?

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  1. Am I the only one (read: arseh**e) who wishes that these startups fail?

    I really want these startups to fail and give everyone a reality check. It seems these companies are solving problems that don’t really exist.

    Many have forgotten to work and only make off their careers with a tag from a prestigious college and by raising millions in funding.

    I still respect entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Page and Brin, Jawed Karim, etc,. as they have built world class companies that have truly revolutionized the way we live.

    I don’t really find Indian startup founders charismatic and visionary.

  2. Zomato will only outrule in this segment. The company has posted profit and launched some more revenue generating options which will likely take it ahead once the next quarter results come out.

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  4. Some stupid people here thinking Dunzo started out as a Swiggy and Zomato clone.

    For as long as I can remember, Dunzo has been in B2B business of last mile delivery and it was one of the OGs. Basically restaurants like McDonalds and Faasos could have Dunzo deliver their orders when their own delivery boys were busy or during early/late hours. Even today Swiggy partners with Rapido for this so if there is no Swiggy partner you will get a Rapido rider.

    By far, Dunzo was the most reputed and reliable as a customer of many such deliveries. And apart from Rapido, Shadowfax would have been Dunzo’s main competitor. I have seen Shadowfax being used by smaller companies or

    This instant grocery thing really took off during COVID and I think that’s when Dunzo decided to add a new vertical and also start their own D2C grocery delivery business fulfilled by their stores like Instamart. But otherwise Dunzo was an absolutely unique and tech first last mile delivery company.

    Now there are too many B2B last mile delivery companies (especially Rapido which started this in 2020) so they are facing stiff competition since COVID in multiple verticals. And their D2C stuff competing with their business clients (e.g. Bigbasket, Spencers, etc. all have used Dunzo at some point) might not be helping too much. And in the consumer space there’s Swiggy Genie, Uber Connect, etc.

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