Exam Day Miracle: Bollywood Melody to the Rescue!

Exam Day Miracle: Bollywood Melody to the Rescue!

At 10:30 am, I found myself in the midst of an exam, a sinking feeling in my gut as I realized I hadn’t studied well. The pressure was mounting, and my confidence was waning. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, a familiar and comforting tune filled the air. It was the enchanting flute theme from the classic Bollywood movie “Krish.”

Instantly, a wave of nostalgia washed over me, and my heart swelled with happiness. That simple melody transported me back in time, reminding me of the magic and charm that Bollywood movies have brought into my life over the years. In that moment, the weight of the exam lifted, and I was lost in the beautiful memories of the silver screen.

Td,lr: During a tough exam, a Bollywood melody from “Krish” triggered nostalgia, providing a momentary escape from stress.

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