F&O traders, help me understand what you need.

F&O traders, help me understand what you need.

I’m working on my course graduation project, which if it gets approved qualifies me for placement.

The project aims to explore challenges inherent in deepening the F&O market among retail investors/traders, and potentially ideate solutions that hope to improve revenue outlook of discount brokerage platforms by **meaningfully** helping retail traders in the F&O segment.

To understand the space itself, I need to speak with 3–5 traders with varying experience (0-7 years) in the F&O segment before end of day tomorrow.

Format: 1-on-1 Video

Platform: Google Meet

Duration: 30–40 minutes

Research Participants Needed:

* 1-2 full-time traders with F&O experience
* 1-2 part-time traders with F&O experience
* 1-2 traders new to F&O

Unfortunately, nobody in my known network is a trader. So, I come to you.

What’s in it for you? The sheer joy of helping me secure five guaranteed job interviews! ANNND, the promise of an Amazon Coupon worth 1000 INR to be shared in the month of January 2024, if I qualify.

If you’d like to volunteer, please share your email ID via DM. I will respond to DMs I receive tomorrow morning, latest by 8 am.

I’m happy to answer questions/concerns from the community in the comments, if any, during the weekend.

Also, I’m hoping I have chosen the right flair and the MODs let this post through. Fingers crossed!

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