For the amateur bakers here, what OTG oven do you use, especially for *savoury* items?

For the amateur bakers here, what OTG oven do you use, especially for *savoury* items?

So I’m trying to step up my culinary game, and I’m seriously considering getting a small OTG oven. Say 16-21 litres in capacity, not more than that I think.

Desserts are fine, but what I’m really interested in is savoury baking goods, like breads, pizzas(from scratch, not using a store bought base). Like, for example, Sourdough bread, Khachapuri, savoury pies, etc. I’ve heard you need high temperatures for those things, and OTGs usually don’t go beyond 220° C.

Any recommendations? Any other tips and advice on what to look for in an OTG would also be appreciated. TIA

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