Freedom of speech and Democracy is dying in India?

Freedom of speech and Democracy is dying in India?

As you are seeing the freedom of speech and the Democracy is dying in India. Arresting journalist and telling them terrorist. Using ED against whoever speaks against government. They are talking about bringing law where government will decide fact news or no. They are trying to change the country’s constitution.

How do you think upbringing your kids and next generation in this kind of situation where hatred’s against religion, gender and caste are upstream.

I am not denying that there are issues in other countries. Please don’t troll to say I am speaking for India. Because I am worried for India.

Many people are barely meeting ends where inflation and expenses getting high and high.

Investment against hospitals, education, health care are critically important. How much is invested for temples and religion stream, basic humanity need from government for religion is not really great choice.

What do you think India will be in next 10 year?

Thank you so much

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  1. These are the behaviours of a ruling class which KNOWS they will stay in power for a long time. Making such rules is the first thing they do when they know no matter what happens, they will stay in power and dictate. That’s what I’m afraid of. That they will find a way to stay in power no matter the election results or the will of the people.

  2. We’re past the “dying” stage. The situation really is quite bad

    – ED is being used as an arbitrary crackdown agency for years now.
    – Questioning the govt (even if jokingly) has led to raids, arrests, and harassment
    – Hard to find unbiased coverage and in some cases any coverage on some issues

  3. >How do you think upbringing your kids and next generation in this kind of situation where hatred’s against religion, gender and caste are upstream.

    given the fact that india has been intolerant a lot towards religion and blasphemy, the only way to tackle this is to raise your kid in a way that they dont make their religion and political ideology their whole personality and accept the fact that ppl with different views exist and they have to be patient enough to keep up with it. easy and simple. and if you ask me for my personal opinion, I’d say keep all the religions as far as possible from your kids.

  4. Using NSA and Gangster Act against minorities and destroying their hard-earned property.

    Imagine, the property is destroyed based on assumption. They’ve not been proven guilty yet.

    And so, when the court gives the judgement, it can definitely ask govt to compensate like it did in one of the cases, but the house that was built in so many years and so many memories is already destroyed.

  5. We are a third world country by every means relevant to the common man. Some of what you said is avoidable if the powers that be show some mercy. Like education, free journalism & secularity etc..,. Mercy because I don’t see any other way out for the majority of the population. You have a ton of sheep who can’t have a single critical thought – who are being given more representation for increasing their numbers successfully. These idiots are helping the goons solidify their power at the centre.

    There is also the issue of finite resources & exponentially growing (at least for now) population. Real wages will not rise. Inflation will rise. >90% of the population will suffer drastic reduction in quality of life and it will continue on till it becomes survival of life and not quality. This is a global issue , but we will be affected a lot more and lot sooner.

    In the next 10 years, climate change will kill people – esp. in a third world country like India. The cost of life will become even cheaper. We see the levels humans can devolve to even when there is surplus – imagine when it becomes a zero sum game. The current situation is all of us singing kumbaya together when you compare it to the future.

    If you can, try your damndest best to not bring more life willingly into this dying cesspool.

  6. Everything will be judge by courts,if found guilty they should be properly dealt.
    But if there is reporting available , the agency should definitely probe it .
    No matter if they are journalists or otherwise.

  7. Call out the Bimarus for what they are. Instead of them calling others for what they are not.
    (PS : Not all north Indians are bimarus. In my following comment I’m gonna name the great people bimarus hate and it’s people like Manmohan Singh, mahatma gandhi, NEHRU or even Dhruv rathee all are north Indians but not bimarus)

    Maharashtra, kerala, Tamil Nadu or Karnataka is not our problem. Up bihar Jharkhand etc are the states that needs fixing.

    Except punjab, haryana almost every other north Indian state draws extra money. Even Himachal pradesh draws 150% viz 50% extra money while every state from maharashtra and below is severely punished.

    Maharashtra gives a whopping 92% away and keeps just 8% of its own revenue and still develops while bihar get 700% and still doesn’t develop. Up too gets around 290-300%
    Why are good states punished?
    Let maharashtra keep 100% for 1 year and see how it changes. Same with all south Indian states.

    Why wasn’t kerala story a cyber war against a state? Built on a measly 3 indivuals and shows as a whopping 32000. And despite being debunked did the bimarus stop the ptopogation or offer support? They rode the hate bandwagon. Now they want yogi to be the pm.

    Do you think we will be able to stop the bimarus in next 5 years?
    Representation of SI states are going to go down cause they did family planning and controlled their population. Things are gonna get much much worse.

    Do you recall when news medias start getting corrupt??
    It’s when bimarus started Hindi news channels.. India TV n all. Started with KYA aliens gaay ka doodh chura Rahe Hai to Bhojpuri kissing shoot for a short span to a full fledge powerful masala news channel.

    They hate educated people. Every fuckin person who is sensible. They hate all the good people. They like all the liars and criminals to the core. This my dear friend is the root cause of all the problems. This is what we need to fight. The bad people amongst us. The people who hate Dhruv rathee.. Or shah rukh khan or Manmohan Singh. The people who hate mahatma gandhi.

    I mean who TF can hate Gandhi.. They do. They love Godse. Like the worst person who actually recruited Indians for the British in world war. And killed an Indian who fought for freedom on such an auspicious day when our hardworking reaped good results. How bad can this man be. And bimarus love him. Tell me this is okay.

  8. Where India is now is where russia was years ago in supporting putin’s rise to power. Modi sees this and wants it for himself. Unfortunately, people in India are largely uneducated, including the supposed educated classes, and choose and vote emotionally, often with hate from centuries ago they don’t even know why they continue on with.

  9. So Newsclick has no connection with China, & is funded by the shell company of Neville Roy Singham, the allegations are false w/o even a minor proof, Editors guild protested now but why not when Manish kashyap spoke against JDU, why not when 14 journalists were banned from taking or giving interviews by INDI alliance, when Arnab spoke against Shivsena, when Asia news was raided by CP of Kerala, when Kishore K swamy spoke against TN DMK, against Chopra by Congress of Rajsthan.

    Democracy died when a Chinese funded company spokesman was called for interrogation😂

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