Got scammed by Myntra!!

Got scammed by Myntra!!

So this happened around a week ago. Ordered a few watches (~10-15k each) for a couple of people in my home to try.

As usual, the delivery guy came with the packages. My mom received them and brought them to me. I started opening the packages immediately. As I opened the 1st package, lo and behold the box was empty. The outer packaging, the watch box were all present. But there was no watch.

I immediately called Myntra customer care and raised a complaint regarding this. They lodged a complaint assured that it will be resolved asap.

Next morning, they closed the ticket citing that they didn’t find any discrepancies during packaging or shipping. Enraged, I raised another ticket and they asked me to wait until 27th September for a resolution. Come 27th, they again close the ticket citing the same reason.

I raised a complaint again and received the same response from them. Called them multiple times, but no avail.

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have ordered such expensive items online, but being a long time customer of Myntra, I didn’t expect anything of this sort happening.

Now I am incredibly frustrated as I am down 13000 rs and seemingly unable to do anything about this. So I turn to you reddit for help. Please tell me how can I salvage the situation.

If it helps, I ordered from a SBI credit card, can I do something to dispute the transaction?

Also, I know that consumer court is an option. But I am trying to resolve the situation without needing to file a complaint there as it is a lot of hassle in itself. However, if push comes to shove, will not hesitate to file a complaint.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Myntra scammed me 2 months back by sending me different watches twice and my 24000 was at stake..made a post about it too here..After Multiple calls to shitty customer care support finally got my money back but after refunding my money they suspended my account for fucking NO mistake of mine..!!

  2. Not a watch expert but I always suggest to buy from the shop, Seiko and Casio watches can be heavy or ultra light and it makes a lot of difference, Citizen watches look good in photos but you need to actually see them in person if you wanna see how the dial colours look in your hand.

  3. TWEET about it.

    1. Step1: Tag BOTH Myntra and SBI card handles – add handles of 2-3 english dailies as well. Use the tagline – “Myntra is now 100% Flipkart!!” – they don”t want this level of negative publicity. But see if this works.
    2. Step 2 : Under your 1st tweet, respond by Posting Photos of empty watch boxes, blur out details and also post the copy of Invoice with the amount visible in it.

    This should get you results.

  4. Look OP, let me start by saying I wish you the best in your money recovery.

    But this case makes me wonder what if some scammer claims he never got an expensive item when Infact he would have received them (especially if he doesn’t have unboxing video) ?

    (just a food for thought, but alas some people will downvote)

  5. The same thing happened to me – Twitter posts and multiple complaints didn’t help – I took it to LinkedIn.

    Someone from the leadership team called me and said I’ll be taking over this case and then I got my refund. This entire process took about 2.-3 weeks.

  6. NAL but Know a thing or two about credit cards and I STRICTLY ADVISE YOU AGAINST FILING A CHARGEBACK. Chargebacks don’t work like you intend them to, Merchant has availed your consent to a lot of conditions in the T&C and you can’t get away with a chargeback until Myntra accepts that there is some money due to you at this point the best way for you is to mail all the proof to Myntra, Name and Shame the seller or Twitter Tag Myntra Accounts and their Senior Management, and post here on this sub for increased Reach and traction of post. Also Post the same on r/legaladviceindia and get the information about how to complain to consumer rights I believe their helpline number is 1915 and it has worked for some people in past. Make Myntra accept it’s mistake a credit card chargeback may land you into deeper troubles, chargebacks are for unauthorised transactions or those done by scammers on shady websites but Myntra is a Ecommerce giant and there is no way the Credit Card company can do anything for you as you authorised the transaction. Target Myntra through social media and mails to get their higher teams to act on the issue, matter is troublesome for them and if not resolved it would leave their reputation in tatters, hence they would be active only when your post blows up or reaches the right authority

  7. Same had happened to me, wrong item sent, pickup not done because it was different item (which was the whole reason for pickup), and I kept calling, responded with same thing about them ‘investigating’ the matter. It was an amount of 1.5 – 1.6K so I didn’t bother making 5+ calls over a period of 2 months.

  8. This is the exact reason why I record all my packet openings, and also I rarely buy on Flipkart. Bc most of the post I see about online scam are from Flipkart (Myntra is Flipkart) and Also I’d like to add one thing, you said you ordered a few watches to try at home and then you planned to return them or maybe buy but most probably return them, if you have done the same thing before like ordering and then returning then I think they put your account in a different list where they don’t care much about the customer it has happened to a few people I know, they did it a couple of times and account got banned automatically. This should explain why your account was deactivated

  9. Online buying tips :-

    Never buy from any company owned by Flipkart including Flipkart.Always prefer Amazon.

    Always open the box in front of delivery person while shooting video of possible.

    Solution of this problem:-

    It’s a fraud too so First file an FIR. There are huge chances that you will get refund after FIR.

    If you still don’t get refund –
    Talk to a lawyer and send them a notice.higher chances that you will get money at this step.

    Even if you still don’t

    file a civil suit. Only do this if you have can afford a civil suite . Otherwise don’t and forget the money.

    Just use social media and defame them using negative reviews. I got my money back using this.

  10. Myntra is probably the biggest scammer I have ever come across.

    Back in January I have ordered a Calvin Klein jacket and a Tommy Hilfiger watch. Both costing 10k and above.

    My very first impression was that these cannot be original. Upon checking with a friend and an acquaintance working in CK and Shopper Stop respectively I was sure that these are fake. They showed me the fine details which helps in identifying a fake product. The product number and other details in the packets are all fake.

    I raised 3 complaints with them but they closed them saying that no discrepancies were found.

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  12. Buy directly from watch owners website or better go to a fucking store to try out watches, thats what they are for!

    I had a much higher ticket item (around a lac) blocked same way but here it was amazon. It was a nightmare for me. Nothing is better than a peaceful sleep and going to store itself for buying, be it either for trying out or for discount.

    Now lodging an consumer court complaint online is damn easy and hassle free after that as well. Do that. Make some noise online regarding this and email to the ceos and tag twitter handles online. They cant take bad rep and will resolve this asap.

  13. As a learning, ALWAYS record a video of unpacking/unboxing expensive shipments.

    I learnt the hard way long ago when I was scammed by PayTM for a buy-one get-one free Dell Monitor. The shipment contained two Dell boxes inside a regular carton. One Dell box had a monitor and the other had some random trash to get to the same weight. In the end, I didn’t lose any money because the second monitor was anyways supposed to be free… but I learnt an important lesson that day.

  14. Buying expensive ordinary watches online and then either calling the delivery a fluke or getting them replaced with cheaper market models. I have come across a quite few recently. Always these weird watches.

  15. OP, File a credit card chargeback. I’m hoping you recorded a video while unboxing. Even if you didn’t, you can still file a charge back, then fight with the customer care.

  16. I also was scammed by Myntra a few months back. I had ordered jewellery and they did not take any return saying some issue with the product, while there was none. I had placed a return on the same day of delivery.

  17. Similar thing happened with me tata cliq, searched for their top executives and emailed them in single mail along with the normal customer service email id. Very soon one their top executive’s representative contacted me and it got resolved in about 10 days

  18. Same here. Though amout is not big but doesn’t matter. I am an insider customer of Myntra. I had ordered around 10 tshirts and all of them were pathetic and old. Returned all of them but for one of them they showed that its not returned. Everyday yhe courier boy used to come and i had to say its already returned. Called them multiple times they said it will be resolved but in the end they closed the ticket saying we haven’t received the product. I complained online in consumer forum. Within 48 hours they also updated that Myntra hasn’t received your return so no refund.

  19. They do it with watches ig cuz I ordered a cheap Sonata watch a few months ago because it looked has c and nice. It stopped working after three days. Got it fixed and it again stopped working after one day. I gave up on it cuz it was cheap

  20. As someone who used to work at Myntra, I can tell you what happened when they first closed your complaint.

    So at various steps along the fulfillment life cycle, myntra will have video footage of your parcel being packed, shipped etc. These videos are monitored in real time, but also when a customer raises complaint saying wrong item was delivered (ordered pillow, got tshirt, or in your case, ordered watch and got an empty box), they go over the cctv footage, and quite often, can track exactly where in the supply chain there was tempering.

    In that case, you’d have gotten a refund immediately, and possibly even an extra coupon apologizing for your bad experience.

    Not to play the devils advocate, but at Myntra, they don’t want customers to have bad experiences with returns and refunds. They would happily give refund to customers in case of ambiguity, even if that means some scammers can take advantage.

    The problem happens when there is literally no proof that there was any tampering. I’m sure someone some where along the supply chain is being clever, pulling out a vanishing act and getting away with your watch (so they are stealing both from you and myntra). Unfortunately, in these cases, myntra has no way of separating the scammers who are abusing the system (getting the product and then saying that they didn’t get it, thereby also getting a refund) and the genuine cases, so you, the genuine customer, ends up suffering. Since the number of scammers is very large, the company can’t afford to have no questions asked refunds, not the way they have no questions asked returns.

    That said, none of this is your business, and you must take all avenues people have talked about above and get your refund.

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