Gst on platform fees.

Gst on platform fees.

Currently I’m trading Crypto through wazirx (removed everything from binance because our idiot FM added prison sentence incase of failing to submit tds which binance doesn’t do).

Now with each trade, say I bought btc worth 50,000, I pay platform fees of 175 (.35%) and 18% gst on this fee- 31.5 rupees. Can this be claimed?

I will likely pay 10-15k in total GST on this platform fees each year, should I and can I claim this? As it’s not a tax on whole volume but only on the platform fee.

Also is it worth getting my GST account set up for it as each GST pdf is only for 1 day and I have to download them individually from wazirx. So I have to process 365 of them each year and pay charges for GST account (I think), for a net gain of 10-15k.

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