HDFC AMC – Q2 2023 Results

HDFC AMC – Q2 2023 Results

**Highlights of the Result**

* Net Profit of ₹436.5 Cr
* Revenue up by 18.1% to ₹643.1 Cr
* EBITDA came at Rs 482.2 Cr v/s Rs 404.57 Cr (YoY), up 19%
* EBITDA Margin came at 75% v/s 74.2% (YoY)

**Performance Highlights**

* Revenue: ₹ 643.1 Cr
* Growth: 20% YoY
* Net Profit: ₹ 436.5 Cr

**Corporate Results**

HDFC AMC did 5.86M transactions worth 2,240 Cr in Q2. Individual investors contributed 67.5% of monthly AUM, surpassing industry avg. of 58.8%

**Market Performance**

HDFC AMC’s QAAUM reached ₹5.24L Cr in Sep’23, up from ₹4.29L Cr in Sep ’22. It holds an 11.2% market share in the Indian mutual fund industry, excelling in equity-focused funds.

*Source: HDFC AMC Financial Results*

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