Hello all, I’m a customer of HDFCsec since 2021. I have experienced several issues with the platform. Even after I shifted to their recent app HDFCsec InvestRight, which is slightly better than the HDFC Securities app, my portfolio usually remains outdated. I need to go elsewhere to find the CMP for many of my holdings and not to mention their ridiculous brokerage.

I am not an intraday trader and I hold with a target and expand my portfolio quite aggressively. I still watch the market daily and I have felt the platform is inadequate to provide an accurate market condition for the investor to take educated decisions on their holdings. I have also received poor support from the RM and customer care, have even ended up losing money on a buy back gone wrong due to their poor advice.

Now, I know most popular opinion among investors would be to shift to Zerodha or another platform that gives a better user experience. I spoke to my RM for this and found out about HDFC SKY, which is now providing competent flat 20₹ delivery charges and promises a seamless experience.

I’m hesitant to start afresh in a new platform or shift my portfolio out of hdfc securities only because of convenience and hence considering SKY. Has anyone here experienced HDFC SKY? Does anyone have suggestions going forward? I’ve researched on Reddit for the popular opinions on trading platforms and I’ve caught up on where Zerodha, Upstox, Sharekhan, 5paisa, Groww and ICICI Direct stand in comparison.

I don’t intend to do intraday and plan to build wealth overtime. Is HDFC SKY worth giving a shot? Does shifting to Zerodha make sense? My friend who works as a branch manager for ICICI speaks highly of their eATM and Direct platforms.

Any thoughts and experiences from you all will be useful. Which platform do you currently use and what has been your experiences on the various apps been so far? Looking forward to discussing with you all. Thanks.

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