HELP! (Misguided stock options price action by broker)

HELP! (Misguided stock options price action by broker)

I dabble in overnight stock options writing for added income. So yesterday I opened short put positions at 350 and 352.5 strike and carried forward for today’s open.

This morning the broker app has been acting weird. Firstly the strikes are wrongly displayed, also the scrip is firmly bearish since open, down 3.5% from previous closing last I checked. So ideally my PnL should be negative and there should have been room to carry forward this position for tomorrow. But since I saw gains and the scrip has been volatile lately I booked profits and closed positions.

Now I am worried if the broker might adjust for the PnL in the contract note and my gains will turn to losses without a chance for wait-n-watch play.

I know I have a strong case to file a complaint with SEBI if such a PnL adjustment happens, but I’m lost as to what should I do. Should I prepare for the contract note shock or will I be allowed to have my gains. Or should I lawyer up?

Please help. Any lead will be appreciated.

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