Honest reviews for Jawaan?

Honest reviews for Jawaan?

Can somebody give an honest review for Jawaan? Most reviews seems to be very biased online.

Bought the hype for Pathaan & it was an overhyped terrible movie so don’t want to fall into the same trap. 😆

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  1. I’m gonna be perfectly honest: There is no way to meaningfully review neither Jawan nor Pathaan in an “unbiased” way, because the bias is sort of part of the point. They both work for the exact same reasons and the exact same way; they’re the hypest way you’ve ever seen SRK in action roles.

    Strip away the bias of being an SRK fan and the absolutely mind melting hype of seeing him in these action sequences, and you frankly don’t have much movie left. Certainly not much *appeal* left.

    Jawan is more technically sound, for sure. No Twitch streamer level greenscreen jetpacking or anything like that. And the scraps of story you get are more thoughtful as well, if not leaps and bounds more cohesive, really.

    But at the same time, if you’re not tickled by the gifs of SRK laying waste to baddies with a belt while smoking a cigar, don’t get your hopes up for this movie either.

    I honestly can’t relate at all to NOT being stoked out of your mind while watching this, but it is what it is. 🙂

    edit: adding my 5/5 Letterboxd review for more context. 🙂

  2. Pathan worked more cos people wanted to see srk. It was an average movie.

    Jawan is better. The story is a bit rushed and there are songs when there isnt a need sometimes, but i enjoyed it a lot. I wouldn’t watch it again in theatre but would at home when i can fast forward parts that were ok. Srk is awesome, especially in some surprise unexpected situations and looks (trying to avoid spoilers).

  3. It’s a very commercial film that celebrates the stardom of SRK. If you aren’t a fan of SRK or South Indian style mass masala films, Don’t bother watching it.

  4. Well that depends on whether you watch movies from South India. If you do, you will be massively disappointed in Jawan. The movie doesn’t try to be creative. It’s got all the plot points from past tamil movies. It’s like a check box for massy film tropes.

    If you don’t watch South films, it may seem new. Because bollywood films never really do massy action films. They generally gravitate towards a Hollywood vibe. So the entry scenes, fight scenes, and poses will all look really awesome.

    The positives are-
    – good action scenes
    – fast paced plot
    – awesome entry and posing scenes. Very massy.
    – deepika. Her character arc was the most memorable.
    – gorgeous cinematography. The movie looks good.
    – no low brow humour. (Glare at pathans boob joke)
    – touches on important social issues
    – senior shah rukh looks really good and also steals the show alongside deepika
    – females also have cool action scenes

    – plot is convoluted af to the point that it doesn’t even seem like there is a plot in the 2nd half.
    – there is no love story between shahrukh and nayantara. There is very little development. Movie spent more time on them being foes than falling in love. So their love story makes no sense. Their song is also just a dance song with no montages so their love story is not believable at all.
    – you don’t really get attached to any characters save maybe two. There is so much going on in the plot. You might feel sorry for a character in the beginning and then they will not have much scenes after that so you just kind of stop caring.
    -The jokes are meh. Only a few jokes actually landed.
    – character development also meh. Only backstories of two girls in the team are explored. Three of them don’t even have a story. Two didn’t even need to exist. They only have a name and do absolutely nothing to the plot. I don’t think they even have any lines save maybe one or two. Nayantara also does nothing except flirt with shah rukh at the beginning, look pretty and do some cool action scenes. Or also shed a few tears alongside everybody else.
    – villain is awful. The film never tells you his motivations. He does reprehensible things but he isn’t threatening. John Abraham as jim was such a perfect villain in pathan and then kaali is just meh.
    – it gets so preachy at the end.
    – touches on way too many issues. Like there were 6 (off the top of my head there might be more) social issues being touched on. End result is that all of them are half baked. The solutions seem so unrealistic and easy peasy. And the plot just seems all over the place.

    Tbh the movie does a good job of making good looking scenes and character poses that you don’t pay too much attention to the convoluted, shoddy mess of a plot. If atlee had focused on one or two issues and allowed characters to actually have a proper arc, the movie would have been so much better. Even massy films can be well made. The South regularly proves that.

    Jawan, on the other hand, is a mess. It looks good. It talks about important things. But it is super rushed and has no depth.

    And between pathan and jawan? Honestly pathan had several flaws. But it’s a better film. At least it has an actual plot. Instead of jawan’s soup of tropes masquerading as a plot.

    Would I watch jawan again? Maybe. But only when it comes to ott. And only for deepikas scenes. And the train hijack scene. Both of which were so well executed.

  5. If you like an older SRK kicking ass then this movie is for you. It’s definitely not meaningful cinema. It’s purely commercial and fan servicing. Plot is decent & music is decent.

  6. It’s more fast paced than pathaan was so if that’s not your thing then don’t watch it.

    But overall it is super super good one of the better masala pictures. Songs are pretty good and very very whistle worthy moments.

  7. Thanks, everyone for the honest reviews! Am a huge SRK fan, but not a fan of senseless masala movies. Sounds like it is better to wait until it shows up on Netflix or Prime & watch it for free. lol 😅

  8. The movie is drama and action. Much better movie than Pathaan, both creatively (every aspect- acting, writing, direction) and technically. It’s long but super fast, you won’t feel bored. I am SRK admirer, so I enjoyed Pathaan too, but my family not so much. And they all loved Jawan.

    And in case you find any one of the SRK hot, it’s a bonus! Older SRK is 🔥

  9. Jawan was actually quite better than pathan imo , this movie excels both in the massy masala south style movie plus also going with an important message because, obviously there are many flaws and loopholes as a typical masala movie but from the other movies I think it was overshadowed here It’s a good watch tho

  10. Its a well made movie. Story and premise is compelling. Actors have done well . Action sequences are slick . And Shahrukh is well Shahrukh, no actor had a more magnanimous on screen presence than this guy .

  11. I watched an srk movie after my name is khan. And this was it. My first movie after my marriage and my wife is a huge srk fan.

    So she enjoyed. To me, I could not relate to anything. People were hooting whistling clapping and I was like for what. It was a mixture of kick and Vikram, you’ll enjoy it if you like SRK and don’t need logic in movies.

  12. My review

    **Cons** first:- Objective-

    1 mindless action is mein bhi hai (obv) but since this sells, as long as the story is good its fine, tbh there are too many action scenes for my liking, i have never been a fan of action scenes, they are typical hero can defeat everyone scenes

    2 action scenes are very south style, its basically slomo scene-fast paced scene-slowmo scene-fast paced scene, they are actually well done ngl but still the slowmo and fastpace became too much

    Subjective- i wish the girls had more screentime, i feel like their potential was severely underused, in the starting the movie was doing justice to them, but towards the end they just became soldiers of srk’s character/s, i really disliked that coz to me a big subjective pull was the underlying women empowerment msg, and srsly its kinda sad coz in the starting, it was so good the way their characters were given justice, the thing is>!in the 2nd half once srk’s father (srk himself) was back, so the 2nd half just became all abt srk characters, and ofc it left very less screentime for those female characters !<


    1 It’s a common man movie, it highlights the issues of common man, ofc there is the saviour coming to save ppl trope, but thats basically bollywood for you

    2 Tbf the story was good, the screenplay was rushed definitely, but still the story was good and the very obvious underlying good intentions to wake ppl from their trance was what i really appreciated they raised the farmer issue. I really appreciate that part coz that was the first time I thought abt the situation of those farmers, yes i knew they are forced to commit suicide and how sad that is, but tbh i had never paid any attention to un par kya beetti hogi…. and i LOVED that scene >!where the girl hit those men responsible for her father’s death with a spade!< the whole audience screamed at that scene lol and then the >!medical industry scam!<, another thing which this movie made me realise was, ok let me quote the dialogue and it really made me think abt how damn that sucks so in the dialogue they told >!how if a scam happens in another fields, they can basically just cover it up, but scam in med field cant be covered up coz its murder so they basically blame and incriminate the innocent docs.!<

    >!So in the movie smthing happened and 50 kids were severely affected, (respiratory issues) they were dying and they needed oxygen cylinders, the politician refused to help, so the doc herself went to diff types of officials and literally pleaded and begged them for the oxygen cylinders (ofc that was hyperbole) and then the kids died and the doc was blamed for negligence by court.!<

    3 The movie also had “can defeat anyone” trope but weirdly enough, they also humanised their characters, like yeah heroes get hurt too and they aren’t undefeatable, so I liked that.

    4 Last but not the least, the political msg wasn’t evn subtle, it was full on your face with a whole monologue of>! srk asking ppl, the public of india to vote politicians on the basis of what they do for you, not religion, sects, community, gender, etc etc!<The whole movie was basically showing you how billionaires like ambani, adani indirectly rule ppl, how the system is all in their control, how they use people etc.

    *(it was also wise to not highlight any religious difference exploited by politicians at all coz we all know the public would take it)*

    **Music**- I really liked the background score. Most songs were pretty mid and forgettable though, I only liked chaleya but its too short and ramaiya vastavaiya is really catchy ngl.

    **TLDR**- The whole movie’s msg was basically democracy & women empowerment (subtly). There was no typical bollywood misogyny or toxic masculinity, ofcourse I liked it.

  13. Don’t bother watching it. If you’re going based on someone’s review, cinema is not for you.
    And to add your pathaan review is terrible. Better stay away from Jawan.

  14. Bhai honestly bol raha hoon, Pathaan se much much much better hai Jawan. Lekin Sethupathi was criminally underused. Matlab Sethupathi ka character kuch bhi nahi tha. Saala koi bhi play kar leta wo role aur uske safed Baal wali wig itni gandi thi.

  15. If you didnt like Pathaan then you will most likely not like Jawaan. It is an over the top action movie and fans of that brand of action absolutely love it. However if you are expecting to see SRK of DDLJ or Swades then it will disappoint. If the trailer was appealing then give it a shot but since you are questioning going to the movie, you probably know its not your cup of tea.

  16. Going to put the review I posted just after I watched FDFS. I’m not an SRK fan at all and I thought Pathaan was overhyped as well and not that good

    Just finished watching the FDFS at Manchester in the UK. This is ‘kinda’ a spoiler review so please do not read it until you watched. This is just the conclusion of what is in my head after the film.

    I liked the first part. I LOVED the metro hijack scene. From then until Zinda Banda was the best part of the film, the energy from Zinda Banda had me smiling throughout but I think it was because of the buildup to it rather than the song itself.

    I felt Nayanthara was absolutely outstanding, I’ve seen her with Vijay in KRK, but she has gone up levels in my eyes. Very, very, very good actress. Her action scenes were very well performed too, especially in the hospital scene. However, I thought her romance with SRK developed too quick. They literally looked at each other and then ‘Chaleya’ started (which was too rushed for me considering (imo) it’s the best song out of the album)

    I liked Vijay’s performance but I feel he can do a bit better, as seen in Tamil/Telugu films. I wanted his performance to be something like his character in Vikram, which to me was a bit more sadistic than his role in Jawan.

    Deepika’s cameo was actually really good, she had a lot more of a role to play than I thought. The other cameos (won’t spoil and tell names) were good.

    I felt like the second part dragged a bit and I could completely predict the plot just after the interval. I felt Sunil Grover’s character should’ve been more full fledged.

    SRK was good. The truck scene at the end was phenomenal. The climax was pretty good as well, but I’d have liked to seen more ‘bite’ to it.

    One big main drawback of the film for me was the BGM score. I expected a lot more originality from Anirudh and he can do a lot better, but the majority of the BGM score were just bits of the title track and theme randomly inserted. I wanted to see a BGM score similar to what he did in Vikram.

    In short, first part was fantastic, second part was average. Worth the watch though. 3 stars.

    Also I just wanted to add that I watched the Hindi version, but I thoroughly loved the fact that, at least the Hindi version, had a Pan-india feel to it ito. character names, place names.

  17. What do you mean by honest / biased review ? Why is it always that, good review = fake and bad review = honest ? Everyone have different taste. And like everyone here said, if you enjoy a certain style of cinema, Jawan is perfect. Personally, better than Pathan.

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