How do HNI IPOs work?

How do HNI IPOs work?

Nice to see many ISB people talking about HNIs. I guess we are doing good 🚀🚀.

I wanted to understand how does HNI allocation actually works so I also start doing IPOs as a HNI. Let’s say a company IPOs and HNI section is subscribed 100 times.

Case 1,
We bid 100 lots. I assume in this case we are guaranteed to get one and only one lot?

Case 2,
We bid 100+x lots.

Case 3
We bid 100-x lots.

Can anyone explain how many lots are we guaranteed and expected to get in each of three situations?

Another question, in HNI what would be optimal strategy to get lots if I know subscription is going to be N times? How many lots should I bid for to get allocated?

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