How do you think this will pan out

How do you think this will pan out

How do you think this will pan out

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  1. Bad. Why the hell are you invested in Regular Plans!?

    Edit: Please for the love of god, do your research and DON’T throw away money. This makes your compounding much worse and is one of if not the dumbest investing moves you could make.

    Kudos to you for not trying to invest in stocks/options. But you made a major blunder here. Idk if you can fix this. You are literally burning 30-50k INR every year (which with compounding) would be significantly more! (Quick head math says about 10-20 lakh in next 10 years). You literally just gave that to a middle man by taking the Regular Plan instead of Direct plan!

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  3. Seems like you’ve only recently started this. Very strong chance you won’t be able to change this because of exit load. If you’re picking the funds yourself, or even if you’re not, id suggest to start an account with either zerodha or groww who offer commission free mutual funds. I realised this later in life my self and now kinda trapped with some funds stuck in mfs with a distributor. Don’t feel like liquidating it to move the money, and can’t transfer the mf holdings to another account.

    You can also set up mandates on those platforms that will automatically deduct money from your account towards this saving. Since you have a range of 50k – 1lakh id suggest starting mandate at 50k then putting balance surplus ad per your convenience.

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