How much time you spend on finding or researching about stocks?

How much time you spend on finding or researching about stocks?

Working professional who trade or invest in stocks. How much time you spend on finding or researching about stocks daily on average. Do you think you need a better way to do it?

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  2. What research ? I have 12 or 13 stocks in my pf out of which two stocks I don’t even remember buying it. At first i genuinely thought “sh!t did my account got hacked and someone bought this two or what” even changed a password after that just to be sure.

    So yeah f all of a research I do.

    Btw let me know if you have researched enough and found any undervalued or great small cap stock.

  3. i usually spend about an hour a day researching stocks, mostly after work. i think there’s always room for improvement in how i do it. always looking for better methods.

  4. i usually spend about an hour every day researching stocks, trying to find potential opportunities. it’s a constant learning process, and i’m always looking for more efficient ways to do it.

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