How would you rank the YRF spy films till now?

How would you rank the YRF spy films till now?

With tiger 3 right around the corner, let’s discuss the existing films of time. Here’s my ranking:

4) Pathan: I think now that the hype has died, people realize that pathan was a somewhat below average action thriller with Srk in it. Everything in the movie, save for some scenes, was…meh. I think the best part of this film was how it truly opened the concept of cinematic universe, atleast for yrf. The franchise needed something to get some longeitivity.

3) Tiger Zinda Hai: I’d say the next 3 are pretty explosive and hard to rank. I think tiger zinda was a pretty good movie with some nice emotional scenes and slick action all in a hostage drama. Plus Salman shines and the songs are a banger.

2) Ek tha Tiger: I think ek tha tiger is a great film, but a good spy film otherwise. I’d say that’s coz back then they didn’t think about making a universe, so the story isn’t centered around nationalism and terrorists and all, but rather on a spy falling in love. It’s probably one of salman’s best imo.

1) War: Maybe I’m biased, but I just love this film. The songs, settings, actors, action, climax, ending- it’s a perfectly packaged spy film and tiger and hritik look SO good. The twist was nice too. The hype for this one was unreal too and I think it did manage to live up to it.

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  1. Purely from entertainment and thrill quotient perspective, Tiger Zinda Hai and War were excellent. TZH had a very good plot, Ind-Pak working together angle worked really well, action scenes were fantastic and it ended on a very satisfying note. War had a great plot too, and action scenes were very well executed.

    Ek Tha Tiger was good but the second half, esp the last 30 mins become full blown masala film, and even though well executed, made the film lose some of its credibility gained in the first 1.5 hrs or so.

    Pathaan is a lot of fun, especially the Salman-SRK sequence but it was a bit more campy than others. Still a very entertaining movie.

  2. 1. WAR- best action out of all the spy universe films, Hrithik’s swag and screen presence
    2. Pathaan- just seeing SRK on the big screen after 4 years gap created next level euphoria, John was a great villain, Deepika looked hot af
    3. ETT- Some of the action was good, but too romantic
    4. TZH- regular bhai movie

  3. I would rank war as the best one yet
    1. War
    2. Pathaan
    3. Tiger zinda hai
    4. Ek tha tiger

    It’s been a long time since iast watched the tiger series so the opinion might change after a rewatch. But all the movies of the spy universe have been entertaining so far, wouldn’t say any of them are bad

  4. In terms of action and scale:


    •In terms of story and screenplay:


    •In terms of music:


    ☆**PATHAAN** is the *best action film* cuz of its crisp screenplay scale and great fight scenes. Could have had better VFX(maybe cuz of the pandemic shoot it couldnt) and dialogues between SRK-DP and better styling too.

    ☆**WAR** is on par with Pathaan in terms of action and scale. Has better VFX than Pathaan. Imo it has the least repeat value among the 3 cuz there arent many *massy* moments like others. It has the most Hollywood-ish treatment.

    ☆**Tiger Zinda Hai** is probably the *best film* of the four. Has insane repeat value. First half is a bit slow and doesnt have any great moment barring Salman and Katrina’s intro. Great second half tho.

    ☆**Ek Tha Tiger** had a great first half with possibly the *iconic entry scene* of all time. Great music album. Meh second half. Also the action and scale wasnt great either.

  5. Why are people so obsessed with War, the movie is prolly the weakest in the spy universe, the weird plastic surgery twist and the whole Kabir being a rogue agent angle was so fucking dramatic and unnecessary, TZH should be on top followed by Pathaan and ek tha tiger then War at last.

  6. 1) Tiger Zinda Hai
    2) Pathan
    3) Ek tha tiger
    4) War

    I know many people rate Ek tha Tiger above Tiger zinda hai but for me former was more of a romantic movie than a spy movie. Like in 50% of the movie he was running from his own agency with his girlfriend. He wasn’t actually on a mission😅
    Pathan was also good with fast paced no nonsense screenplay and some great hand to hand combat scenes and of course SRK🤩
    War was weakest I mean the twist was like an Ekta Kapoor serial, plastic surgery and all😂
    And it underperformed on box office too. It had crossed 300cr but it was due to diwali and I remember it had highest opening 50cr+ but then crashed after 1st weekend.

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