I am 23 years old, haven’t achieve anything in my life.

I am 23 years old, haven’t achieve anything in my life.

I am 23 years old guy, haven’t achieve anything in my life, have social anxiety, habitutial procrastinator, can’t even ride motorcycle, i am fucked up, porn and gambling has also wasted my time. Any teenager who are reading this don’t do this, gambling will ruin your life ( fantasy league is also a gambling). Haven’t been in any relationship. I have to settle with a low paying job. Fucked up guys, teenager work hard achieve good thing in your life make you maa and papa proud.

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  1. Don’t worry brother I am 38 and I have just started progressing at this age.
    My childhood, teenage and college lives were hell..because I have adhd and ocd. I did not realise until I reached 30. Earlier my brain used to be bombarded with negative thoughts related to anything religion/sex/morality . I could not control these thoughts. I had impulsive suicidal thoughts as well.These are negative thoughts. Others can simply say us to control the thoughts. This is not actually possible ,because it happens due to poor brain chemistry. When the chemical balance in brain is right everything will be okay.
    Now I have been having medicines as prescribed by the doctor for the past 3 years. My mood has improved tremendously.

    Procrastination is one of our minds mechanisms to cope with anxiety. You may need medical help

    I do not know where you are from. Consult a doctor and seek medical help. I mean psychiatrist. Also devote 30 minutes per day for prayers. Everything will be okay.

  2. hey bro

    I am 26, never had a job

    Just been at home all these years, coping with internet which is comfy life but mental insanity since i don’t have any skill to earn money, pretty defeating and have anxiety, depression maybe adhd

    I feel you

    I am also looking forward to doing some low wage job next year hopefully

  3. I am 39 years old and don’t have a corporate job. I worked in the corporate mess for 15 years and quit for family farming because of my mental health. Now I am earning equivalent to my previous job but regrets never leave you so keep them aside and do what you want. Start with a Google job no matter how small and establish a side hustle for independence, you know dual income source.
    Change career opportunities or look for a decent job with respectable compensation.
    I wish the best of luck.

  4. Dude I’m 30 back from Europe jobless, in debt, clueless and in therapy due to burnout, anxiety and depression. I thought staying home for 2-3 months with family will improve my mood but it didn’t so started therapy and medicine and I feel the changes though it’s subtle but it works. Start therapy as soon as possible.

  5. Hi, I just want to say it’s going to be okay. Even I’m same age and learned bike this year. Nothing wrong with it. And also even I have the same problems you do minus a few.

    Work on yourself one step at a time. It’s okay to feel bad, it is partly our karma (the consequence of our actions – like indulging in the wrong things in the first place) and partly luck/fate/destiny.

    Just remember that what’s happening to us has been happening since the beginning of time and that Mother Nature has her own laws. Though painful it is sometimes, beauty exists in life.

    We have low paying jobs right now, but we can upskill and apply for better ones as the years go. Have some faith in Mother Nature or your favorite god if you don’t have faith in yourself at the moment (which sounds true from your words). Now that doesn’t mean sit idle and expect for your life to change. Every now and then we feel sad and we want to believe things add up for better, then it’s okay to believe in higher entities until you get faith in yourselves.

    And as for relationship, I’ve been in one and seen how worse and selfish people can be, and even put other’s lives at risk for their selfish gains (yes, it happened to me). And I’ve seen worse things than that in other people’s lives. When the time comes, we will meet our people, and we must judge them completely before committing. Until then, it’s our responsibility to improve ourselves.

    Even god can’t help us, because we are responsible for our actions. And he/she is busy writing an adventurous story where the hero fights the odds to improve for a happy ending, our future. 😉

  6. You are just 23; you have a lot of time ahead of you. Don’t ever think its too late. You are different; you are unique. Don’t let other’s stories or success distract your journey. You have a whole life ahead of you.

  7. i’m 23, went to US for studies and came back because of too much pressure, can’t ride a bike, never had a job and crashed a automatic car a month ago. Trying to get into real estate and have no idea. Give yourself time and take care of yourself

  8. You are 23 dude you can easily re-build yourself….23 is still pretty young… people change their careers at this age or prepare for competitive exams. You are not old at all. You can easily turn your life around at this age. You can start preparing for CAT and get a MBA….

  9. 22 here, doing part time and that’s just small responsibility to fulfill some part of becoming adult at least.
    Other than that, everything feels absolutely horrible

  10. I am 28…. I haven’t achieved anything also …. but I also have this condition that my psychologist says “apathetic” ….. so I don’t feel anything I guess. I’d say, it doesn’t matter if u achieve anything or not .. it’s all the same.

  11. Bro you’re seriously mistaken agar aapko Aisa lagta hai ki after certain age people become mature.
    Yahan aapse bade bado ki bhi yahi haalat hai.
    Sab chakkachaundh hai bass.
    Kisi ko ghanta nahin pata jeevan me kya Karna hai, aur kya ho Raha hai.
    Everyone’s is just pretending.
    Yehi yathaarth hai mere dost.

    Aur aap ke pass to waqt hai. Koii bat nahin ho ab Tak pareshaan the. Aage badhte chalo.
    Now that you know better, do better. Baaki khud ko compare na hi karo kisise to behtar hoga bhai

  12. abhi bhi vakt he bhai/ behen… trust me when you grow 25 or older you’ll say ki 23 is soo young and it literally is. Heck even 30s is young in your own scheme of life and at 23, youve barely experienced adulthood! so keep chip up, start off from today and trust me you won’t be missing out on lot.

  13. I wish I was 23… I would have turned my whole life around. Op you are still very young, nothing is lost you got whole life ahead of you, if you are lacking on skills to acquire job go back to college and get a degree in vocational field that could help to secure a job. You may have to work a bit harder than your batchmates but as they say with age comes wisdom and self control, with that you’ll be more focused towards achieving your goals. Just don’t give up certainly not at such young age.

  14. I am 34 ..have had some sort of depression fr as long as I remember.. i used to worry about all the things u mentioned as ur flaws when i was ur age.. now i have everything a person at 34 needs to be happy.. alghough i cant say i am happy.. u cab work on urslef n get all the wordly things still if u havent worked on ur mental health it wont matter.. since the other things will come with time.. if i can offer any young person any piece of advice it wd be to fiercely love themselves.. its sounds corny.. bt it will help u a great deal .. all the best .. may u achieve everything u deserve and more

  15. I started “adulting” at 35, don’t worry, the expectation that you have to be ou, have your life figured out and over at 24 is a stupid figment from a time that’s long gone.
    Economic and social conditions make it so thats not possible anymore unless you come from a very affluent background (and even then you may struggle).

    We star later on, enjoy your life, make it a purpose to make better choices, pieces will all fall into the right place, be kind to yourself.

  16. I am procrastinator but doing job and getting paid good. My take on procrastination is that it’s very difficult to tackle. You do gambling watch porn, because you want that good feeling in your brain, you stop what you should do and start doing this stuff. Try to control your emotions, procrastination, addiction. You still have time to do something better.

  17. hi, the fact that you realise this is a positive step. this proves you do want to achieve something in life, plus 23 is a young age. for starters list down all the things you are good at and then google or do some research on how you can make money out of it. you can go to LinkedIn and check out for some people who are working in a similar field and ask them for some advices. don’t be shy to reach out for help, most people understand the hardships faced by people at young age and will be happy to advise. hope this helps! all the best for the future!

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