I built a copy trading bot and here are the results……

I built a copy trading bot and here are the results……

The idea was simple. Pick the trading calls given by 5paisa research on their telegram channel and execute them in my broker account as soon as it comes.



I did some tech magic, and the bot was up and running. I was only copying their index options calls. No stock options, no BSE options, our plain old NIFTY, BANKNIFTY and FINNIFTY. As soon as the call came in their telegram channel, it was auto-executed in my 5paisa broker account through their APIs. Whenever they gave an exit call, the bot squared off my position in the broker.

I allocated about 15000 to the bot, it automatically figured out how many lots of the options to buy and placed orders accordingly. 5Paisa research also gave only one index option call at one time hence I didn’t have to worry about over-allocation.

The experience over the past week has been a mixed bag. There have been days with magnificent returns but at the same time some days with disappointing performance. 5Paisa research also gives zero-hero types of calls which increases the risk heavily.

For the techies and curious folk here who want to see behind the scenes of building this bot can checkout this: [https://youtu.be/TaADySwxNAY?si=N4\_I\_kqVikAAqIQl](https://youtu.be/TaADySwxNAY?si=N4_I_kqVikAAqIQl)

I am tweaking this bot further, which is reducing the upside potential of returns but at the same time increasing the hit rate of the bot and reducing the risk associated. The main idea is staggered exits: keep booking partial profits at unrealized gains of 8% then 13% then 20% and so on. Keep trailing the SL to entry price with every target hit.

Please upvote this post so that I can keep experimenting with the bot and keep sharing it with this community. Request you to share your ideas to improve this bot further in the comment section below.

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