I know these are scam. But anyone know what happens next? After joining such a group

I know these are scam. But anyone know what happens next? After joining such a group

I know these are scam. But anyone know what happens next? After joining such a group

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  1. They will give you tasks to like YouTube videos or something else. They will first pay you for 2-3 tasks, then in the group they will say, you have to continuously do all the given tasks and tell assistant you did those tasks. If you miss any task, your reward will be half. And the 2nd or third task will be where you have to pay the money, something like pay1000 and get 1300 back etc etc, and they give some bullshit explanation how it works and your money is safe. I did 2-3 tasks got the money, and when i skipped the prepaid task, they stopped responding and paying. I earned spme 500rs from scammers ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|laughing)

  2. Next step: They will give you a simple task to save a map listing or like youtube video. and they will offer you 100-150 rs for it. If you finish this task, they will ask your bank details to pay you the money. You will get the money if you complete, no issue.

    Once you are done with this initial step, they will add you to a discussion group where you will be shown people making thousands/lakhs of money per day. Bots will be posting comments and profit screenshots whole day.

    Then the representative will explain their daily work. You will be given 20 tasks each day and if you finish them, then you can make 5k for it or more. They will release the payment for each 5 tasks completed. First 4 tasks will be simple likes and save listings. In 5th one, you will be asked you to make a payment on the assurance of 30% return. They will encourage you to invest only 1000 rs since you are new and you will get 1300 back and 200-300 for 5 tasks.

    That’s when they will scam you. They may scam you for 1000 rs only or if they feel they can take more out of you then they will give you 30% return for first 2-3 times to lure you in investing big amount.

    I only got till first 4 tasks and didn’t do 5th one.

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