IIT Bombay veg/nonveg issue is so weird

IIT Bombay veg/nonveg issue is so weird

I am an ex-IITB student. Throughout my stay, I’ve eaten in mess from various hostels – incl. H2, H3, H5, H15, H16, H17 and H18 (all these are primarily, but not exclusively, undergraduate student hostels).In my four years there, I didn’t ever see segregation b/w students eating veg/non-veg. Non-veg food costed extra, but there weren’t separate tables.

I recently read news about separate tables thing in H12(this is an exclusively postgrad hostel). And apparently a student protested against this by eating non-veg at veg table. The protestor was, infact, fined a ridiculous 10k rupees. I don’t understand what’s going on here?

There was never such a segregation – and there isn’t presently in any hostel except H12. How was such segregation even allowed in the first place? And why only one hostel then? And why the 10k rupees fine, that amount is way too much.

This entire incident is so weird. What’s happening?

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