I’m in 12th grade and have low attendance. Help.

I’m in 12th grade and have low attendance. Help.

I’m currently studying in class 12th and i have less than 75% attendance.

I have had a difficult childhood to say the least. I moved from Bangalore to Chennai after my parents divorce. Changed my name and religion when I was 10. Got bullied 7 whole years at my school. I went through all kinds of abuse throughout my life.

From the past 6 months I’ve been mentally stressed. I stopped attending school because I moved schools after 11th and got lonely. I had 2 friends for 7 years and for the first time I was completely alone. I couldn’t make friends. I slowly started to feel saffocated and exhausted each day. I would have panic attacks and would end up crying each day. I stopped going to school.

At home i started to have contact with my bio father who hasn’t been in contact with me for 9 years. I have a permanent residency abroad and it would be beneficial to move abroad for my future. And that’s why I contacted him. This is incredibly stressful again.

I convinced my mom to take me to a therapist and my therapist then recommended me to get a psychiatrist.i had bad luck with every single psychiatrist but the three Psychiatrists who I met online/offline diagnosed me with Generalized Anxiety disorder, panic disorder and depression.

I was given medicine and somedays it worked and somedays it didn’t.

Although I sound like a loser i have been always academically high acheiving. I used to get good grades, participate in competitions, get certificates, do speeches, did my assignments and complete all my work.

I am not able to go to school. That’s it. I feel exhausted spending an hour out of my house. I feel nauseous,experience shivering and feel unwell when i go to school.

I ask you guys to please be kind enough to let me know how to deal with my low attendance and potentially not miss out on writing my boards. I don’t know if CBSE considers a mental health diagnosis or certificate.

If anyone can help please contact me for additional info.

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