India Canada Row: India tells Canada to withdraw over 40 diplomatic staff

India Canada Row: India tells Canada to withdraw over 40 diplomatic staff

India tells Canada to withdraw over 40 diplomatic staff: Report

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  1. Honestly this is going to hurt Indians way more than Canadians.

    Canadians have been asking the government to reduce the number of foreign students for quite a while, and Canadians also dislike these bullshit “diploma mills” schools that only Indians attend.

    Most Canadians will see this as a “bye Felicia” type move.

  2. In the short term this is going to have a negative impact on the Indian community. A large Indian diplomatic staff is not necessary in Canada as there simply is not hundreds of thousands of Canadians beating at the doors to go to India whether short term or long term. The current Indian staffing can handle the civilian and commercial traffic that is within its tasks.

    The CAD staff in India is so large due to the large amount of traffic headed to Canada. Even before this kerfuffle the size of the Indian community in Canada was about 1.5 million, and on top of that there is the International students. So it was natural that the CAD diplomatic mission in India was larger due to the administrative burden of the traffic such a large community generates.

    So in the short term anyone in India needed some sort of permit, etc in respect of Canada is going to very soon experience a much longer processing time.

    In the longer term I cannot say what will transpire, my crystal ball notes many factors:

    * Canadian exports to India were a minuscule part of Canadian export trade – about 4.1 billion in 2022. I doubt much of this trade will be impacted but I suppose if India escalates its rhetoric to trade than it is possible.
    * Trade the other way is about the same – India exported approx $4B USD to Canada in 2022.
    * Canada has allies on the matter, and if India escalates beyond rhetoric and meaningless diplomatic moves like requiring Canada to reduce diplomatic staff the pushback from Canada’s allies may become more notable. Washington already formally advised the contentions by Canada were accurate (as some of the intelligence came from America). It would prefer the matter be resolved diplomatically. But make no mistake Washington has many levers and it can deploy them, subtly but effectively.
    * I think Modi is attempting to usethe fact India is a potential check on China as a lever to force Canadian allies such as America & Uk to temper their responses. I do not believe that will work. NATO and Pacific rim allies are not very pleased with Modi’s supporting of the Russian economy, and hence the Russian war machine. They are “taking notes”. Don’t believe for a moment this is forgotten. It is just set aside. Modi is taking a calculated gamble that attempting to push Canada around will not raise the stakes and to a limit it will work. Then it will not.

    There is no ill will or hatred to people of Indian heritage in Canada. In fact Indian culture is very popular here and for the most part people of Indian heritage are very integrated and are a part of “Canadian multiculture”. We distinguish between the people of India, and the Modi govt. The latter is not highly regarded at all. The concern I and many others have is that Modi will stoke the matter to the point in Canada that some mainstream elements of our own society start to lose the ability to distinguish between Modi nationalistic rhetoric and the average person of India whether residing in Canada or India. Currently only the fringers are anti-India – they are pretty much anti-everything but themselves and are also held in great contempt by mainstream Canada.

    As an aside, I have spoken to the matter in past comments, and will say it again: what is transpiring with International Students of whom the vast majority impacted are from India is absolutely disgusting. The college system and for-profits system actions are unethical and were it in my power I would be firing the boards and executives of a fair number of colleges, banning for-profit, and putting significant quotas on allowed proportion of International Students vs total enrollment. Note it is the college and for-profit systems, not the university system (they are not the same in Canada) that is the primary abuser. Equally culpable is the managers of the college systems – which is the provincial governments not the feds. I wrote at length on culprits and solutions in some past posts. Including a couple on this sub. I feel for every Indian student and next provincial election in my province I believe there will be a reckoning.

  3. Okay, this is the standard diplomatic response when you wanna look though, but don’t want to actually do anything.


    My guess is Canada is gonna do something similar as well.

    Therefore, I suspect the affair will probably all blow over quietely in a few weeks.Maybe a few months.

    My guess is that-behind closed doors- India probably agreed to give something to Canada in exchange for dropping the story push. That’s how foreign policy works.

  4. After the stund Jaspreet Trudaeu pulled in his parliament, blaming Indian for his failure in managing Canada, giving free reign to terrorists, imprisoning truckers and protestors, increasing the carbon tax and costing families an additional 1500CAD. The action taken by Indian govt is a great initiative to keep the western dickrider in check. Who will Trudaeu blame next for the killings of Khalistan gangsters ?

  5. These Indians in these comments 😂

    Murdering a citizen of a foreign country on foreign soil and then crying about colonialism?

    The victim complex this nation has is laughable.

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