Indian Culture: Pride vs. Reality

Indian Culture: Pride vs. Reality

Why are Indians proud of their culture? When you ask someone why we are better than foreigners, they often mention our lovely culture, which includes less divorce and taking care of parents, among other things. However, in reality, many married people are either getting divorced or are very unhappy with their marriages. In my neighborhood, elderly people are living and dying alone, while their children don’t seem to care or are living in cities. Our parents struggle all the time to provide us with everything we need, but when they need us or are unable to provide for us, we tend to neglect them. Should we still be proud? I think we are at our lowest.

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  1. I don’t understand this post. Not only are most Indians culturally different in most States but success rate of a marriage and elderly care have almost nothing to do with ‘culture’. Higher divorce rates are rather a good sign that individuals now have the option to leave unhappy or toxic marriages rather than continue to face abuse from their spouse. As for elderly care, the foundation of this country is Socialist in nature. The middle class of this country almost entirely carries the burden of taxation while also being the most affected by inflation and wage stagnation. Add to that culturally that the burden of elderly care almost entirely falls on to the male children who are often underpaid or unemployed these days, it becomes a question of survival.

    When you say ‘foreigners’ assuming you mean from the West, are we better off socially? Absolutely not. It’s hilariously depressing how far behind we are in the HDI aspect. But when you actually understand the difference between society and culture, we are in a different league of our own of which we should absolutely be proud of. We have some of the most beautifully unique architecture, cuisines, philosophy, religions, literature, history, art and inventions that was passed down by our ancestors. We should absolutely be proud of it and reflect our pride in preserving it.

  2. Less Divorce is not a good thing. It simply means people have given up on their happiness. Look at how many men do not want to make marital rape a crime.

    Taking care of the parents is only possible when the parents adjust to your lifestyle. If they cannot do it, they can die alone.

    Culture is built on everything surrounding it. Geography, economy, healthcare etc. When any of them changes, culture has to change.

  3. What culture bro? What happened in ujjain shows true colours of Indians for many hours that child roams on road injured and no-one is their to help her injured and bleeding that’s how we indians (most of) are same happened in nirbhaya case people passes by but kisi ne help nai ki

  4. Tbh in name of culture what we have is meaningless rituals, practices,etc. and instead of boosting off the culture one should individual see what’s good and not that’s where things get smooth, what I do myself matters instead what the cultural practices are ,have been. And I dony think those in west eg America , see things as cultural like marriage, divorce, they just keep things simple and see for themselves.

  5. I think irrespective of being Indian everyone should be proud of their culture.

    India is a nation of diverse cultures and there is a lot of variety to it. Being proud is about acknowledging our identity and respecting it. This does not mean that you do not work to improve it. A culture which does not improve and adapts itself is worth letting it go.

    Every culture has its shortcomings and values which are outdated based on current context. It is up to us to improve it. People make culture and a strong culture drives humanitarian goals.

    There is a fine line between being proud and being a fanatic.

  6. I personally feel culture as where you feel comfortable like I like to enjoy festivals be it Holi and Diwali or going to religious places.
    Regarding parents it’s kinda subjective I won’t say all the parents are dying alone for some there kids are doing there best to give there parents a great life even in the west parents are dying alone only regarding parents I definitely see slightly better condition then West

  7. Less divorce is because the dating culture is Shit and people don’t have options. If say Indian guys had multiple girls lined up for them we would have a lot of divorces just like in west.

  8. It’s not all rotten. It feels different when looking from different angles. It’s complex, messy, stale and full of conflicts. It’s our culture and we don’t need to feel proud of everything from our culture but we should try to adopt things which are good and discard the bad

  9. I don’t know too much about culture or about religion, etc.. what I do have come to understand as I hear from my friends in other countries, and from non-indian posts on reddit related to relationship, marriage, divorce, expectations from partner, and what not… Indians have much better values, compared to people of western countries. India and Indians, despite all the issues, are still in a better place than anywhere else.

    My 2 cents

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  11. It’s fine being proud of your country but you don’t need to spend all your time stereotyping, putting down the west to make yourself feel better.

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