Investing in AI landscape

Investing in AI landscape

So I am thinking of investing largely in the AI landscape, since there are talks of AGI being around the corner, and then ASI.

Now the ways I think I can go about doing is

1. Invest directly in US stocks of GPU(Nvidia) Semiconductor , Processor(Intel, Amd), tech giants(Msft, alphabet, meta) – minus point is the taxation, plus point is how rapidly we get news

2. Invest in mirae asset AI and tech FoF

3. Indian ai stocks – minus point being haven’t heard any huge achievement/research made

4. Go for the long plan and invest in industries which will boom after AGI and ASI is achieved. I am finding it difficult to predict which stocks will boom. Like for e.g. Will it be an online education platform which will integrate AI teaching, or a law firm, or defense sector etc.

What are your thoughts on AI stocks and where are you investing.

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