Is it normal for Trainers to stare at you at the gym?

Is it normal for Trainers to stare at you at the gym?

I (<18M) recently started gymming and there’s this very weird trainer at the gym keeps staring at me whenever he has time to do so. He doesn’t exactly help or anything just looks at me with a very uncomfortable expression, I thought it was just him being nice or checking my form but he’s been doing it when i’m on the treadmill or just resting/taking a break. I’m not even good looking so unless he has really bad taste I feel like it isn’t creepy, I’m not sure if it’s normal or not but meri bolne se fat ti hai because he’s strong asf.

Sorry if this isn’t allowed, I’ll delete if so.

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  1. No, it isn’t. Are there other women in your gym? Try talking to them about this and check out of they feel the same way or if they’ve experienced something similar.

  2. Tbf he might be seeing you as a prominent and promising gym person.
    Usually if there are regulars in a gym, who have really good physique and are diligent/young too.
    That increases the gym’s reputation itself, and in turn increases the new admissions.
    He might just be seeing u as a person he would like to interact himself in the gym. Teach u and what not.
    But idk, beware it could be a trap. Just be warry.
    And don’t let prejudice dictate what u must do.

  3. They’re checking for a gold chain, wristwatch, your phone brand and if you’re clothes are branded or some cheap d-mart ones in order to pursue you to pitch for their ‘Personal training’

  4. I am a fitness trainer too and I can understand how some ladies go uncomfortable in the gym because of some pervert trainers. Why are you in a doubt when you clearly are not comfortable with his looks.

    And, it’s not at all normal for a trainer to keep staring at you when you are performing exercises. And why are you scared? Don’t talk to him go complain in the higher authorities of the gym and still if you cannot better change the gym you workout.

    Also never underestimate yourself by saying “I’m not good looking” it’s not good to degrade yourself. You believe that you are the best in all things it is the perspective of people which defines beauty.

    Stay safe. Stay fit! 😊

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