Is it possible to make 2% profit per month just from buying and selling equity.

Is it possible to make 2% profit per month just from buying and selling equity.

I’m really struggling to make 10k from 5L. I’ve been trading since March 2022, I’ve made some profit but not 2% per month and I know that we can’t expect to make consistent profits, I just wanna know if I’m asking for too much with the 2% profit. so any kinda advise would be much appreciated.

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  1. I think you should focus on beating the benchmark returns and forget about the 2% thing. Eg: If nifty goes 50% in one year, what good is your 24%.

    So, as long as you are consistently beating the benchmark. You should play this game otherwise might as well invest the remaining capital in index and find a different job

  2. It is possible just don’t put all the eggs in one basket. Trade in large caps. They are less volatile than midcap or smallcap. Try to get a combination of different sectors. Avoid news related stocks or check for their earnings in calendar. Learn good technical analysis.

  3. You can use your capital for equity stocks by buying stocks which are available with e margin. Don’t focus only on nifty 50 stocks or banking stocks. Stock like Cera moved upwards from 8129 to 9005 in just 7 trading sessions. Even if you able to capture 300/350 points rally would be easily 2% per month. All the best!

  4. You are not asking too much ! It is achievable my friend.

    But do note :- There will be days you’ll make 8-10% per month and there will also be days you’ll make zero or even negative kinda returns.

    It all depends on market environment and also your stock setup. For ex : during Market environment was bearish from Jan 2022 till June 2022 (so avoid trading these times…or carefully access n take only 1-2 trades per month which are showing strong relative strength)….but from July 2022 till Dec 2022 …bull rally ..boom ! You could easily nail down profits here since general market was up ..90% stocks went up with it.

    Again from Jan 2023-march 2023 bearish…
    From April 2023- sept 2023 bull rally (massive)…now again markets are extremely volatile and correcting…so better to avoid trading these times n protect your capital..coz ur trades have less chance of working in these environments.

    If market shows strength n jumps up from here..then again you can continue.

    It depends on one’s setup too. Analyze how are you taking your trades. Are you going against the trend? Is so then it’s quite hard to make money.

    If you want more info about how I trade or some general market info markets work n etc…

    You can check this video by me.

    It’s a very long video ,but worth it.So take your own time. You can even start watching from 48:00 if u wanna skip the part where I have spoken about what ones strategy should consist of etc.

    I’m sure you’ll find this helpful.

    Happy investing 🙂

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  6. This is 100% possible. But not in a predictable, regular income style.

    The way it has worked for me is, I only trade in stocks which have excellent fundamentals (and Nifty 50 blue chip) and in case they don’t move as per my plan, I can hold on to most of the position for long term. Second, the time frame for trades varies, but it typically works out as follows :

    2 months target = 10% up = 5% per month

    4 months target = 20% up = 5% per month

    8 months target = 30% up = 3.75% per month

    + dividends

    Of course there are some bad trades so if you include losses I can average out at around 2% per month but over a 2 year period. Meaning, if you check a random 3 month period, it is possible to see 0 gains or even negative returns. But over a 2 year period, a positive return pattern can be seen.

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